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  1. Oct 2019
    1. “For us, it slows things down. We try to integrate people back to humanity,” Mr. McAleer said. “If isolation and shame is the driver for people joining these types of groups, doxxing certainly isn’t the answer.”In short, once someone is labeled a Nazi on the internet, that person stays a Nazi on the internet.

      This is true in more ways than one. They stay that way on the internet because most everything cannot be deleted. And they stay this way in real-life because this is how everyone will view them for the rest of their lives, so why would they change? Doxxing is not the solution to hate. It just creates more.

    2. few individuals have been misidentified in recent weeks, including a professor from Arkansas who was wrongly accused of participating in the neo-Nazi march.

      This is terrifying and shows just how dangerous the internet and doxxing can be. Imagine if you were misidentified and then your whole reputation is ruined? How does one repair that? You are no longer safe. Doxxing is always wrong.

    1. In Blair’s case, she seemed to think that lightly obscuring the faces of the two people she surveilled was enough to be ethical. (One face, that of a small child looking over her seat two rows ahead, was not obscured at all.)

      I think people should be educated on how to properly use the internet and protect people's privacy. Blair did not think of how this would affect those involved.

    2. Then I realized that was precisely how I was treating these very real people. My stomach turned as I considered how I’d feel if every twitch of my arm, half of my conversation, and even my bathroom usage were all narrated, without my knowledge, for a swelling audience of several hundred thousand people online.

      This is exactly how I felt when reading the Twitter thread. This shows you that something is wrong with the post, and that it was a complete violation of their privacy.

  2. Sep 2019
    1. civil rights protests and the Black Power movement that FBI officials called “the greatest threat to internal security of the country.”

      I dont think this statement is correct nor valid, and is an opinion of people in power

    1. You can absolutely do this every time before you share. And given it is so easy, it’s irresponsible not to.

      I think the author is right. If you really want to share viable and credible information, it is our duty to investigate further. If misinformation spreads then it would be our fault.