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  1. Oct 2016
    1. I would have been using

      I had better used separate

    2. I would have been using

      had to use

    3. should have been displayed

      was to be displayed

    4. would


    5. for the sake of making a workable solution

      for the sake of finding the proper solution having limited time

    6. (how?)

      don't need how

    7. I can and prefer to

      I both can and prefer to

    8. s that makes

      which makes

    9. makes


    10. local University

      the local technical with honors majoring in Computer Science

    11. i.e.

      i.e. - that is; id est e.g. - for example; example gratia

    12. i.e.

      i.e. - that is f.e. i.g. - is for example

    13. (?)


    14. features behind the job description

      beyond (without border)

  2. Aug 2016
    1. the incentive


    2. overwhelm

      vocab. Need usages with strong emotional impact.

    3. consider

      часто употребляется в каких контекстах? F.e. consider I have two apples.

    1. увидев ужас в прекрасном

      я не претендую на то что дошел до этого

  3. Jul 2016