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  1. May 2023
  2. Mar 2021
    1. 胡锦涛与中国国民党主席连战会谈

      Warm up:

      watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T48mqVz3w2M

    2. 沟通平台

      platform for communication

    3. 直航

      direct flight, i.e, not via Hongkong

    4. 三通
    5. 机制


    6. 架构


    7. 九二共识”
    8. 迭遭破坏

      迭--- frequently 多次遭到破坏

    9. 开启

      开始 启动-- 启动汽车的引擎

    10. 求同存异

      seek common grounds among differences

    11. 本着

      according to , based on, following ...

    12. 五十六年来

      in the past 56 years, 以来,

    13. 愿景

      愿望, 景色,前景

      愿景----对前景的愿望 a wish for the future prospect

    14. 基于

      based on ... promise and the concern for.....

    15. 工作机构负责人

      people in charge of daily work of the party organization

    16. 政治局


    17. 总书记

      General Secretary

    18. 国民党

      The Nationalist Party, founded by Sun Yatsun. 孙中山。

      In 1927 Jiangkaishek persecuted Communist Party, leading to the splite of the two parties.

    19. 体认


    20. 事宜

      事情, matters, issues

  3. Feb 2021
  4. Jan 2021
    1. 乾旱有因自然及人為都有*

      subtopic sentence,

    2. 如果不採取有效措施保護黃河水,這個中華民族的“母親河”將會變成一條幹河道,對黃河流域的居民以及生態環境帶來嚴重的影響。

      what impact

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    1. 形成严重威胁

      Why such lake threatens lower area?

    2. 围堰湖泊

      a temporary lake formed from earthquake

    3. 北川羌族自治县县城

      Beichuan county situation

    4. 绵阳市

      Miangyang city situation

    5. 汶川县县城

      damages in epic center

    6. 人员伤亡与财产损失


    7. 地震的影响


    8. 汶川大地震发生于2008年5月12日北京时间14时28分04.1秒,震央位于中国四川省阿坝藏族羌族自治州汶川县境内,四川省省会成都市西北偏西方向90公里处。根据中国地震局的数据,震级达到了里氏7.8级。


    1. 天無三日晴”

      sunny days will not last for three days.



    2. 三大“火爐”之一

      stoves---Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing

    3. “霧都

      fog capital , this word initially was used to refer to London.


    4. 盆地


    5. 江南

      south eastern part.

    6. 去濕氣。
    7. 季風

      seasonal wind, 1. northern seasonal wind, no rain

      southern seasonal wind--- monsoon

    8. 沙塵暴
    9. 季風也會造成災害

      Topic sentence

      winter,, snowstorm, wind,



    10. 梅雨

      Plum rain--- a rainy season when plum are ripe, characterized by non-stop rain for a long time.

    11. 季風區裏各地的氣候各有特點

      topic sentence

    12. 打洞

      drill holes

    13. 全天候


    14. 经济效益和社会效益

      economic benefits and social benefits, the latter refers to how society, people can be benefited, such as job opportunities, access to outside world etc

    15. 冻土


    16. 青藏铁路
    17. 泥石流
    18. 山口

      mountain pass

    19. 青藏铁路是世界上海拔最高,线路最长的高原铁路,全长1956公里。海拔4,000米的地段有965公里,最高点唐古拉山口为5,072米。

      这是铁路的基本数据, basic data about the railroad

    20. 可与长城媲美

      its beauty is comparable to that of Great Wall. sentence pattern 和。。。媲美

    21. 世界屋脊


    22. 介绍青藏铁路建

      这是这一课的话题, Topic sentence.

    23. 难熬

      r日子很难熬--- difficult to bear. , suffering from hardship

    24. 农作物

      farm crops. -- corn, potatoes, wheat, rice ,


      fruit trees---

    25. 折腾

      to be busy without any positive result.

    26. 蜂窝煤

    27. 對象

      青 black, blue, green

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    1. conditions in the desert?

      2nd part of last paragraph

    2. climate in the prairie?

      1st part of last paragraph

    3. 两大气候区

      Question 3

    4. 内蒙古气候夏季温热而短暂,多数地区仅有一至两个月,部分地区无夏季。最热月份在7月,月平均气温在16℃–27℃之间,最高气温为36℃–43℃。气温变化剧烈,冷暖悬殊甚大

      question 2

    5. 最大的特色还是草原风

      Question 1

    1. 当2018年双边关系开始恶化,中美民间关系就悲剧性地受到附带伤害。两国相互驱逐对方的记者,并限制留下来的记者的活动。出于对中国影响力的担心,华盛顿还将中国资助的孔子学院列为“外国使团”,大大减少了文化上的交流。由于唯恐将先进知识泄露给中国的研究生,美国收紧了签证发放。共和党议员无视美国文化交流的价值,终止了“


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    1. 大陸考察了三個星期,

      inspected in mainland china for three weeks.

    2. 渤海城市群

    3. 轉運站

      transport hub

    4. factory

    5. 長江三角洲城市群

    6. 珠江三角洲城市群

    7. 經濟圈

      economic circle , zone

    8. 城市群

      a group of cities close to each other and having close economic connections with one another . usually having a major city as the center.

    9. 設一家辦事處

      set up branch office

    10. 董事會

      board of directors, a group of people running the company. decision makers, voters on company police.

    11. 臺灣的一家銀行打算在大陸設辦事處,

      Topic sentence.

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    1. 品质好,市场价格高,所以获得很好的收益

      market good

    2. 枇杷

    3. 达县

    4. 现在的李家村

      What changes have occurred as a result. the socalled six Ones

    5. 越来越多的成都人都把李家村当做他们假期和周末休闲的好去处。

      market situation, very popular and welcomed by urbanites.

    6. 自费修建7.8公里村道水泥路。 这条水泥路可以连接村里的每一户。为了改善村里的饮水条件,他们又挖了3.2公里水渠,把山顶的山泉水通过水渠引入村里的蓄水池。这样不但使村里的农作物每年都能旱涝保收, 而且又使家家户户都安装上了自来水和抽水马桶。

      Developing infrastructure to help with rural tourism . 1. Road. 2 Water

    7. 农家乐

      a kind of privately run family tourist business that is similar to B&B, plus rural sightseeing.

    8. 利用有利的地理位置,良好的生态资源和优质的农产品,大力发展乡村旅游。

      Topic of the passage: rural tourism.

    9. 现在不但家家有新房,抽水马桶和自来水,而且还买了拖拉机和卡车,农户们的劳动和生活也越来越轻松方便。

      What changes were brought by this re-structured economy.

    10. 封山造林,保护水源生态。在山腰种桃子,在山坡种枇杷,用发展水果生产的办法, 来增加农民收入。

      Measures: 1. forestry, 2. fruit trees.

    11. 改变产业结构

      change the structure of production, i,e. change what should be planted according to local conditions.

    12. 专家来村里考察,帮助寻找发展致富之路

      How to overcome natural conditions., Seeking expert help.

    13. 李家村因干旱缺水,到处都是荒山荒坡

      Natural conditions.

    14. 李家村属于山区丘陵村,全村

      The topic of this passage.

    15. 四川省


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    1. 占全国人口的百分 之九十以上

      account for more than 890%

    2. 少数民族夫妇可以多生孩子

      one child policy does not apply to ethnic minorities, because their population is small, not as big as the Han.

      equality between nations

    3. 青海和甘肃

      青海--- a province in the northwest Gansu ---

    4. 东部的面 积占不到全国总面积的一半,

      The area of the east does not comprise even the half of the area of the whole country,



    5. 开发西部
    6. 我国人口的分布近几年有什 么变化吗?
      1. 我国人口的分布近几年有什

      么变化吗?Are there any changes in.. in recent years

      1. 我国人口的分布近几年有什

      么变化?What changes have happened in the .......

    7. 人口的分布一直不均

      population distribution is not even, uneven distribution of polution

    8. 计划生育

      family planning,

    9. 就第13亿名公民出生这件事

      就。。。。。, Verb (谈一谈,说一说)


    10. 国家人口和计划生育委员会
    11. 计划生育

      one child policy

    12. 一切都顺利

      smoothly, 我的学习很顺利,没有困难。

    13. 北京妇产医院

    14. 关注一

      为什么? 因为是第 13亿个公民,中国现在有13亿人口了。

    1. 即使瓦哈卡人亦不知米西泰卡人所居之处。呜呼,电视新闻之给人错觉如是。

      What the author finally found about native people.

    2. 彼等念我冒雨远道而来,定热情接待,示以其工艺品。或可具饭食也未可知

      The author assumed that the native people would treat him nicely.

    3. 米西泰卡

      Mixetec people, local native American

    4. 格林菲尔德

      Greenfield, a small city to the south of Salinas

    5. 开车兜风

      drive around, literally, driving a car in the wind

    6. 卡梅尔峡谷

      Carmel Valley, located to the south of Monterey.

    1. Qu Yuan was a poet of the Chu State. He drowned himself in a river after his country was taken by the enemy.[

    2. The three gorges-- a section of Yangtse River striding Hubei Province and Sichuan Province.

  10. Sep 2020
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    1. 转业

      terminating service. for officers it is called 转业, for soldliers, it is called 退伍。 转业干部,退伍军人。 每个城市有退伍专业军人办公室,叫军转办。

      This is a good note on the difference between officer demobilization and soldier demobilization


    2. 两地分居

      husband and wife live separately due to work. 单位给他解决了两地分居的问题。


      some cases of separated residence.

    3. 立了功

      has excellent performance and is official recognized with certificate and (now) cash bonus.


      Is easy to ligong in the PLA? watch this.


      How did this soldier get the first degree meritorious recognition?

    4. 终身大事

      life-long event, a way to refer to one's marriage

      Watch and find where this word is used : https://youtu.be/sKTz4VnEwoM

    5. 忙着

      to be busy with, + verb phrase 他正忙着准备考试。

      common greeting 忙什么呢? https://youtu.be/vfDuo3bMG38

    6. 对象

      someone to date with 找对象,搞对象。 joke: 象棋都有对象,我没有!


    7. 有保障

      to be guaranteed. 现在大学生毕业以后,找工作没保障,因为机会不多。

    8. 难得

      hard to come by, rare 这种水果,热带才有,这里难得吃到。

    9. 艺术团

      art group also 歌舞团, in PLA, soldiers specially engaged in performance is call 文工团

    10. 驻地

      place a troop is stationed. 我们驻地的营房很老。

    11. 婚恋

      marriage and dating . 军人的婚恋很重要。