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  1. Apr 2019
  2. Mar 2019
    1. When youare what men call dead, you will be sorry you were so stingy."

      I like this quotation because it suggests an afterlife where Dickinson could observes the effects of her work on the public and regret her silence in life.

    2. "sing aloud," and perhaps because shc diclnot, she crossed the sound barrier long before other women learrrt.rlto fly. Writing for pleasure, she wrote what she pleased

      I like how this passage suggests that because Dickinson kept her work private, she was able to progress further than her female contemporaries who, as I read it, were shackled by sociatal expectations of what art is, or how a woman should be writing and therfore could not contend with Dickinson's unfettered imagination--the results of which were largely unrecognized until after her death.

    3. trauma

      I love how "disapointment in love" is described as traumatic--it's also interesting how trauma sometimes engenders art--and how lonlieness, heartbreak, and dissatisfaction inspire many to create and can be labled as "traumatic" events or feelings.

    4. in propria persona.

      "In his or her own person" (Google)

    5. vis-2r-vis

      in relation to; with regard to. (Google)