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  1. Feb 2023
    1. At last

      the longing tone of "at last" and the drawn-out prolonged vowels contain her intense yearning to find true love, as well the long duration of time she has waited!

  2. Mar 2022
    1. the distant pain

      "distant" here refers to also the pain from the past, not just the pain from beyond the medication

    2. persisted

      the police's persistence shows that the welfare of black people is treated seriously in the present

    3. Who then

      the question of "Who" implies that in the present, justice is delivered to black people and their attackers are rooted out, unlike in the past where anyone could be their assailant (and it would not be addressed)

    4. Not Kevin

      "Not Kevin" is a repeated motif throughout the novel: Kevin is not like the other white people

    5. shook my head weakly

      despite her pain and exhaustion, Dana exerts herself to express her protectiveness of Kevin

    6. realized that these men were trying to blame Kevin for "hurting" my arm

      Kevin, a white man in the present, is now placed in the position of the oppressed, treated and "blame(d)" the way white people used to treat slaves

    7. "Accident," I heard myself whisper. "It was an accident."

      Dana refers to her injury as an accident; an allusion to how Rufus also suffers many "accidents"

    8. Didn't they think I knew it was gone?

      Dana's indignation at being treated like an idiot; defending her intelligence and agency

    9. Hurt. As though I'd scratched my arm

      her indignation at the low word intensity of "hurt" conveys that she considers her injury grievous and traumatic, perhaps even impossible to heal from unlike a "scratch"

    10. Who hurt you?

      in the present, the police are focused on addressing the harm done to a black woman (Dana), contrasting with the past where it is accepted that black women may suffer pain

    11. I had to struggle to understand

      Dana is in a state of complete confusion

    12. shad­ows

      connoting darkness, suggesting that perhaps the police in the modern day are black people (thus implying equality: the powerless become the enforcers of law)

    13. I had to convince the police that he did not belong in jail

      an inversion of how black people lack liberty in the past in the present, black people have the power to report white people to the police, and white people can be prosecuted

    14. he came to the hospital and stayed with me so that I would know I hadn't lost him too

      Kevin is a loving and devoted husband, a contrast / foil to Rufus: where Rufus takes security from Dana, Kevin restores it to her

    15. the comfort and security I had not valued

      she no longer feels safe, after her experiences in the past

  3. Feb 2022
    1. about a year of my life

      literal meaning: she has lost a year spent in the past figuratively: she has lost a year of her life due to stress and fear

    2. My left arm. ​

      implying that Dana will now never be complete or whole again; half of her remains in the past

    3. I lost an arm

      implying a grievous and serious loss and injury

    4. last trip home

      Dana is going between the past and present; it is unclear whether she is referring to the past or present as "home", suggesting she is equally familiar with both

    1. convince the police that he did not belong in jail

      the inversion of power: in the present, Dana has the power to place a white man in jail

    2. so that I would know I hadn't lost him too

      indicating the fragility of their relationship, yet the love between them

    3. comfort and security I had not valued until it was gone

      her time in the past has permanently scarred her

    4. a year of my life

      both literally (in the past for a long time) and figuratively (the stress / fear)

    5. left arm.

      suggesting the severity of the loss - half of her is stuck in the past

    6. my last trip home

      Dana has travelled to both the past and present - which is the "home" she refers to here? Could be either past or present, indicating she is torn between both

  4. Nov 2021
  5. Sep 2021
    1. There was nothing more to say.

      Conor is filled with grief at the finality of his mother's death

    2. “I wish I had a hundred years,” she said, very quietly. “A hundred years I could give to you.”

      the hyperbole of "hundred years" conveys the mother's deep and lasting love for Conor, as she wishes to spend an entire lifetime with her beloved son

    3. administered painkillers so strong she was never able to stay awake after she took them

      tells us that the pain Conor's mother feels is so intense that the painkillers knock her out

    4. bent in two, like he was being torn right through his middle.

      Conor feels agony at his mother's impending demise

    5. ou feel bad for being so angry, if you feel bad for being so angry at me that you couldn’t even speak to me,

      she understands Conor's feelings and forgives him for all of them

    6. “You be as angry as you need to be,” she said. “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not your grandma, not your dad, no one. And if you need to break things, then by God, you break them good and hard.”

      his mother tells him to express his feelings freely, showing that she loves Conor and wants the best for him

    7. so weak, so weak

      repetition of "so weak" conveys Conor's increasing fear at how her strength is draining away

    8. pretty angry, too

      conveys her resentment at not being able to stay longer with her son

    9. It’s okay that you’re angry, sweetheart,” she said. “It really, really is.

      she allows and encourages Conor to express his feelings, even if they are unkind to her, showing her deep love for him

    10. It’s probably what’s kept me here so long, Conor. Believing it so you would

      Conor's mother makes it clear that she has stayed alive all this while ("kept me here so long") simply out of love for Conor

    11. “You lied,” Conor said, looking back up at her. “You’ve been lying this whole time.”

      Conor feels betrayed and hurt, still wanting to believe that things will get better

    12. even though she kept up her smile

      she tries to smile to comfort Conor, despite her deep grief, conveying her love for him

    13. “I’ve never been more sorry about anything in my life.”

      Conor's mother deeply regrets her early death and feels guilty about leaving Conor early

    14. “There aren’t any more treatments.”

      Conor is forced to accept the finality of his mother's death

    15. Conor frowned. “How can it not be working?”

      Conor refuses to accept that his mother may not recover

    16. deep breath to speak, which set her off into a terrible, heavy-sounding coughing fit.

      Conor's mother is struggling to speak, which also conveys the tremendous sacrifice she makes to communicate her feelings to Conor

    17. He knew he was asking a question. He knew she knew it, too.  

      Conor feels a sense of tension and fear, worried about what may happen

    18. both turned to look at Conor

      sense of suspense and worry for what may happen to Conor

    19. “Lily–” he started to say,

      Conor reaches out to Lily to mend their friendship

    20. had to swallow before he could speak

      Conor is so touched that he feels like crying, and thus cannot speak

    21. She saw him, really saw him

      Conor begins to trust that Lily really does care for him and value him

    22. Looked him right in the eye.

      Lily is honest and courageous with Conor

    23. she was blushing furiously

      the imagery of "blushing furiously" tells us Lily feels shy and embarrassed, because the note reveals her deep personal feelings

    24. read it again. And again.

      Conor reads it "again" because he is in disbelief, but also deeply moved

    25. I underlined about a hundred times

      Lily emphasises repeatedly she cherishes Conor, emphasising that regardless of how others treat him, she will always "see" him and care for him - suggests Lily is a loyal friend

    26. I see you

      Lily understands that Conor feels invisible - shows how well she knows him.

    27. Are you okay?

      Lily expresses concern for Conor's wellbeing

    28. miss being your friend

      the tone is lonely and sad; implies that Lily dearly cherishes Conor and wishes to be close to him again

    29. I’m sorry for telling everyone about your mum, read the first line.

      Lily has accepted her mistake - her first act is to apologise for hurting Conor, suggesting that she has matured enough to accept responsibility

    30. and the world went quiet

      "quiet" implies that Conor is solely focusing on Lily's note to him, conveying how touched he is by the letter.

    31. folded what seemed like a couple of hundred times

      Lily put in effort into folding the note, showing her sincerity and affection for Conor

    32. Conor reached across the aisle and took the note

      Conor accepts her effort - a change from earlier on when he rejected her

    33. “Take it,” she whispered out of the side of her mouth

      Lily repeatedly tries to reach out to Conor - moving that she tries to re-establish their friendship

    34. for Conor.

      emphasising that it is uniquely a gift for Conor, intended for him alone, thus making him feel special and valued

    35. where she’d sat throughout all the years they’d been in school together

      sense of familiarity with Lily's position in class; the physical nearness and familiarity emphasise how close they usually were and thus, how far apart they now are

    36. this time more insistent.

      Lily is determined in trying to reach out to Conor and hence keeps trying!

    37. Making fun of him no doubt. Look at Conor O’Malley, just sitting there like a lump. What a freak.

      Conor expects mockery now; he has become pessimistic and hopeless, expecting others to mistreat him

    38. everyone who had a life, anyway

      Conor feels isolated; unlike others who have "a life", he is alone and feeling depressed / insignificant