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  1. Apr 2023
    1. To directly command one of the agents, the user takes on the per-sona of the agent’s “inner voice


    2. manually crafted procedural knowledge

      如何让它们自己形成procedural knowledge?

  2. Jun 2021
    1. Bayneet al.argue that consciousness is not a1D construct measured by levels of consciousness, but a multi-dimensional construct measured across several distinctdimensions
    1. 无政府主义和其他大部分的政治哲学截然不同。对大多数政治哲学来说,它们所负的担子就是要证明它们对社会的前瞻是最合适的:生活在自由共和主义或基督教民主里总比生活在其敌对的社会里好。无政府主义者并没有这个问题,而几乎每个人都喜欢生活在一个没有武力、警察和老板的世界。那里,社区实行民主自治,每个人除满足自己的基本需求之外,还可以自由地追求他们觉得重要的东西。他们不觉得这样的世界是可能的。事实上,那些从充斥着武力、监狱以及贫富、权力不平等的现实世界中得益的人,往往激烈地辩称无政府主义的世界很明显只是个疯狂的想法而已。
    1. If‘suõcientlycomplex’meanshavingenough patternsof activity,thiswouldbe arestatementofwhatneeds tobeshownfor triviality:

      key: can't be premise circular

    2. Computationalfunctionalists rarelyclaimthateveryaspectofmental lifesupervenesonthecomputationthataphysicalsystemperforms.Usually,thisclaim ismadeonlyforasubsetofmental life:non-consciousaspectsofmental life(Block,ϕ;Ê;Chalmers,ϕ•Eb) oraspectsofmental lifethatexclude cognitiveprocesseslike centralcognition (Fodor,†¬¬¬). Ifoneweretoremovethese aspectsofmental life fromthethoughtexperiment,itmayno longerseemabsurdorobjectionablethatapail ofwatercould,overa brieftimeinterval,implement thesame computationsasourbrainand body.

      minus the non-conscious, computational functionalist

    3. M is simple, clear, explanatory,non-circular, andnaturalistic. Malsoexplainswhycomputationsaremultiplyrealizable.Differentphysicalsystems(siliconchips,vacuumtubes, brasscogs,neurons)can implement thesame computationbecause,despitetheirphysicaldifferences,theirvariousphysicalactivitiescanbeisomorphictothesame abstract structure.

      isomorphic >> functionalism how about irreducibility?


  3. May 2021
    1. On this view, spectrum inversion is a case of “sense-datum inversion”: when Invert looks at a violet she becomes acquainted with the kind of sense-datum Nonvert is acquainted with when he looks at a marigold. Setting this tendentious theoretical gloss aside, Locke’s scenario has three notable features. First, it is a case of spectrum inversion from birth. Second, it is a case of inversion within the same linguistic community. Third, it is (or is naturally read as being) a case in which Invert and Nonvert are behaviorally alike—a behaviorally undetectable spectrum inversion.

      inverted consciousness - cog sci

  4. Jun 2020
    1. In hisCybernetics(1948),Norbert Wiener, a colleague of Bush at MIT, did notrefer to the memex, but its status is easily handled by his dictum that “informationis information, not matter or energy” (Wiener [1948] 1973, 132; also 11–12 for hiscoining the term “cybernetics” from the Greekkuberne, steersman). On this view, ablind man’s cane is part of the cybernetic system that includes the cane, his mind,and his body. InNatural-Born Cyborgs, Andy Clark elaborates on this by affirmingthat a cyborg mind need not sport electro-chemical implants; rather, the brain canhave systemic dependence on, and interaction with, various kinds of external storagedevices (Clark 2003; see also Clark and Chalmers 1998).10

      distributed and/or extended cognition.

    2. However, this paper considers Bushin relation to earlier concerns about memory and information, via the ideas of Robert Hookeand John Locke. Whereas Bush modeled the memex on the associative processes of naturalmemory, Hooke and Locke concluded that an external archive had to allow collective reason toovercome the limits of individual memory, including its tendency to freeze and repeat patternsof ideas.

      Examples of Institutional archive of knowledge: wikipedia, collective knowledge base. Danger of individualism?

    1. And it wasn’t because the people running it put clear rules in place to prevent misbehavior. We know this because when Wikipedia started it didn’t have any programmers (it used off-the-shelf wiki software) and it didn’t have clear rules (one of the first major rules was apparently Ignore all rules).

      The curse of knowledge, but of programming knowledge?