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  1. Aug 2017
    1. How do we confront the classrooms we learned in, our own expectations for education, learners’ acquiescence to (and seeming satisfaction with) instructor power, and re-model an education that enlists agency, decolonizes instructional practices, and also somehow meets the needs of the institution?

      This is a strong framing of the conundrum of the teacher at so many different levels. I'm going to use this (and cite you and this blog) in a Prof. Dev. I'm doing next week. Teaching tends to return to its ranks those who played the game so well to begin with. (That's what they think they "can" do because that's what they were best at. ) Thus, like the symbol of the ouroboros, the system creates clear boundaries as to who can succeed inside and who will never gain access. However, the system will, as the symbol suggests, eat itself, until it becomes so small and convoluted that it ceases to exist (he waxed, poetically). Thank you.