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  1. Feb 2020
    1. Home

      Change 'home' maybe 'introduction'

    2. To run this bot we recommend you a cloud instance with a minimum of:

      To run this bot in production we recommend you a linux cloud instance with a minimum of:

  2. Dec 2019
  3. Nov 2019
    1. Requirements¶ Click each one for install guide: Python >= 3.6.x pip git virtualenv (Recommended) TA-Lib (install instructions below)

      To be delete

    2. everything you need to run the bot

      not everything : not python ? not git ?

    3. --install

      missing install of python packages/dependencies? Take the develop branch or master ?

    4. Quick start

      No quick start anymore but more smt like :

      choose an install

      • Windows
        1. docker (recommended)
        2. manual
      • Linux/MacOs
        1. docker (recommended)
        2. script
        3. custom
      • Raspberry
        1. docker (recommended)
        2. script

      with internal links.

    5. Freqtrade provides a Linux/MacOS script to install all dependencies and help you to configure the bot. Note Python3.6 or higher and the corresponding pip are assumed to be available. The install-script will warn and stop if that's not the case. git clone git@github.com:freqtrade/freqtrade.git cd freqtrade git checkout develop ./setup.sh --install

      move to linux script section

    6. API keys¶ Before running your bot in production you will need to setup few external API. In production mode, the bot will require valid Exchange API credentials. We also recommend a Telegram bot (optional but recommended). Setup your exchange account¶ You will need to create API Keys (Usually you get key and secret) from the Exchange website and insert this into the appropriate fields in the configuration or when asked by the installation script.

      Move to the configuration section

    1. Software requirements¶ Python 3.6.x pip (pip3) git TA-Lib virtualenv (Recommended) Docker (Recommended)

      To be delete as not needed if use docker related to install.

    2. Up to date clock¶ The clock on the system running the bot must be accurate, synchronized to a NTP server frequently enough to avoid problems with communication to the exchanges.

      Move as a warning in the start the bot section.