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  1. Oct 2016
    1. mwellawareofwhatIriskinbringingthislanguageofreligionintowhatisnonnallyascientificdiscussion.

      There is no point and no risk in bringing religion into this argument because ones religion is a set of morals for them. Humans are minimizing their morals and beliefs to pursue this limitless life.

    2. Theminimizationofneighborliness,respect,rev~erence,responsibility,accountability,andself-subordination-thisisthecultureofwhichourpresentleadersandheroesarethespoiledchildren.Ournationalfaithsofarhasbeen:"There'salwaysmore."Ourtruereli-gionisasortofautisticindustrialism

      Because us as humans consume limitless amounts we lose respect for each other and humanity? Wouldn't sharing these limitless needs give us a common ground and make us a community?