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  1. Oct 2022
  2. Sep 2022
    1. Essentially: * Top - structures of structures (of notes) * Middle - structures of notes (indexes) * Bottom - notes/content

    1. The Out focuses on showing us the wonder and otherworldliness of its environments, whereas Halo Jones focusses almost solely on Halo herself, the minutiae of her life, her relationships, her emotions.
    2. Comparisons have been made between The Out and Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s seminal 2000AD strip The Ballad of Halo Jones,
    3. skills in designing fascinating, intricate alien landscapes
    4. the series itself takes the lead from Harrison’s stunning art. The creative process apparently starts with Harrison designing the visual aesthetic of a planet, with Abnett then devising a story to take place there – a much looser creative arrangement than is usually found in mainstream comics.
    5. Article examines: * creative relationship between Abnett and Harrison (Harrison creates "visual aesthetic of a planet" and Abnett then concocting the story); * previous collaborations between the two in 2000AD * Harrison's career * plot structure * Annie Parkhouse's lettering * comparisons between The Out and Moore and Davis' The Ballad of Halo Jones