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  1. Oct 2021
    1. most academic experts in the field are based at institutions where prevailing attitudes are far to the left of society as a whole.

      Citation needed for the underlying facts, let alone the causative relationship.

  2. Sep 2021
    1. Provide specific feedback to improve perfor-mance

      This may be a possible student benefit, but it often relies upon the instructor adding those specifics. Adding too many specific criteria to rubrics makes them unwieldy and potentially overwhelming.

    2. Benefits

      It would be worthwhile to at least acknowledge some of the limitations of rubrics. See A. Kohn.

    1. How can I donate money to support the site?

      Why, oh why, is this the final entry?

    2. FIAMO stands for "flag it and move on" and is a good first step with problematic posts or comments.

      This is perhaps not a bad approach to many things on and off MetaFilter.

    3. You can always contact the moderators if you have a question.

      This is really an awful lot of questions. I suppose it isn't actually meant to be read but is collection of statements the mods can point people to.