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  1. Oct 2020
    1. "Most Native Americans did not neatly distinguish between the natural and the supernatural. Spiritual power permeated their world and was both tangible and accessible"

      This shows how much more open Natives were to the super Naturaul unlike the Europeans who were more than likely christians.

    2. my first question: is what do they mean exactly by "kinship"?

      My second question is: what does the reading mean by Chiefdoms?

    3. "Food surpluses enabled significant population growth, and the Pacific Northwest became one of the most densely populated regions of North America"

      This is significant because it shows how succesful the natives were before the Europeans showed up and spread native European diseases to Natives.

    4. "The New World was marked by diversity and contrast. By the time Europeans were poised to cross the Atlantic, Native Americans spoke hundreds of languages and lived in keeping with the hemisphere’s many climates. Some lived in cities, others in small bands. Some migrated seasonally; others settled permanently."

      It shows how natives were succesful despite the Europeans impressions of how the native groups had run things smoothly.

    5. "America’s Indigenous peoples have passed down many accounts of their origins, written and oral, which share creation and migration histories."

      This is impoatant because it shows how long the native americans were here before the European settlers arrived and the Europeans techiniacally did not discover America.