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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. also love painting and drawing. I’ve been drawing since my days in Kindergarten.

      I also love drawing and have been drawing since I was 4. Since you're interested in a lot of subjects and are able to do them, what's your best talent?

    2. I would say that I am good at English because I feel most of it’s attributes come naturally to me.

      Do you think that excelling in English is a talent? Do you believe that all common core classes correlate to talent?

    3. A big turning point in my life is when I entered high school, I came from a very small middle school and transferred to a big high school.

      In your opinion, do you think that bigger schools are better? How does it compare to a less densely populated school like your middle school?

    4. Something important that happened to me was when I started learning how to be around people and it had become a journey where I learned people.

      I can personally relate to this because I think that social development is crucial is human's lives and I used to be an introvert and because of that I saw life on the negative side.

    5. Go to college for it  and everything, but I then learned how to draw and started teaching myself and get better to the point where I could sell my work.

      I'm a big art nerd as well and I think I can sell my artwork but probably not much since my pieces are mediocre.