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  1. Nov 2017
    1. Pride of character, laudable ambition, & moral dispositions are innate correctives of the indiscretions of that lively age; and when strengthened by habitual appeal & exercise, have a happier effect on future character, than the degrading motive of fear; hardening them to disgrace, to corporal punishments, and servile humiliations, cannot be the best process for producing erect character.

      We see here again that the university is far-sighted by realizing that positive encouragements in shaping a person's character is much more effective than fear through punishments and humiliation. A governing system based on such positive encouragements inspires students to pursue excellence in every facet. In contrast, if students are living in fear, they will be too anxious to dare to attempt anything great. --Leo Yang

    2. we have proposed no professor of Divinity; and tho rather, as the proofs of the being of a god, the creator, preserver, & supreme ruler of the universe, the author of all the relations of morality, & of the laws & obligations these infer, will be within the province of the professor of ethics

      It is interesting to see that as a liberal art, non-religious-affiliated university, UVa does not give out the degree of professor of Divinity. This decision is very profound and well-made in creating a school where each religion will be on equal ground. The existence of a divinity degree will undeniably favors one religion over another and creates conflict since rarely do any religion shares the same god, and a professor of Divinity must acknowledge one god of his religion over any other god as the "supreme ruler of the universe". --Leo Yang

  2. Oct 2017
    1. Some good men, and even of respectable information, consider the learned sciences as useless acquirements; some think that they do not better the condition of men

      It is understandable to see people viewing science to be invaluable as their daily lives had not been changed dramatically by scientific breakthrough. The interesting and exciting thing about this comment on people's perception of science confirms that UVa was built with a vision looking into the future. We, as a school, are not contented with the current norm, but are always working toward greater goals.

      Leo Yang

    2. To know his rights; to exercise with order & justice those he retains; to choose with discretion the fiduciaries of those he delegates; and to notice their conduct with diligence with candor & judgment.

      Among many other goals the commissioners of UVa were trying to pursue, this objective is particularly important to the foundation of an American education institute. One has to know her or his right to protect himself or herself from prejudice and not infringe on others' rights. The qualities pointed out in this sentence constitutes the base for UVa's vision as of today: honor, integrity, trust, and respect.


      Leo Yang

  3. Sep 2017
    1. he admission of enlargement to any degree to which the institution may extend in future times.

      The Commissioners founded UVa with a vision and the confidence that the university will prosper and expand. They looked forward to the future and determine to make an impact--a core value still upheld by the university as of today.