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  1. Feb 2016
    1. Her work is exquisite, delicate, crafted

      Connection: I feel like this is how traditonal women's work would be described

    2. these women are reappropriating traditional feminine crafts, re-imagining traditional ideas of femininity, and creating some elegantly radical feminist fiber art.

      Wondering: I wonder how other feminine artist doing the same but with different materials that don't include fiber art.

    3. And I'm saying that the feminine, even the traditional, has always been just as complicated, interesting, and aesthetically beautiful."

      Connection: I like this quote because in historic art, men were more commonly the famous painters and sculptors because women had specific roles. Even then though, some women artists broke through because their fathers were artists who taught them or they learned on their own and their work was just as beautiful if not, arguably in some cases, more.

      (EX: mary cassatt): Story starts at 00:35 https://youtu.be/u4iX0PZPg0o

    4. Climbing

      Questioning: Why was this piece named "climbing"? What message might it be sending?

    5. Her work is less obviously feminist than the others, however, it is decidedly feminine

      Questioning: Do you think that it is a bad thing that her work is "less obviously feminine?" Do feminine works need to be screaming femininity in order for it to be really appreciated?

    6. command of needlework

      Connection: I feel like not many people realize just how complicated needlework can be. It takes skills and a great deal of practice.

    7. From stitched images of women putting on makeup to embroidered photographs of women sewing themselves closed,

      Visualization: I visualize the faces women make when putting on makeup. It doesn't look comfortable or pleasant. "beauty is pain"..... right?...


      Observation: Makeup- "cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance." Connection:The two different views of the work, where one is clean and clear can only be made by the messy unruly stitching that is on the back. Questioning: What is the meaning of "MAQUILLAJE"?

    9. women sewing themselves up and ripping themselves open

      Connection: again, using a traditional woman craft in an untraditional way.

    10. These tensions are all central to  her work, and this understanding of a shared experience is critical.

      Inferencing: The tension is very physical in the work but i feel that the meaning behind it has even more tension, especially her comparison of female and male.

    11. Welcome to a new kind of feminism

      Questioning: Is their an "old" kind of feminism?

    12. This re-evaluation of "women's work" is happening internationally, which indicates a seismic shift in the way young women understand their identity.

      Wondering: I wonder how "women's work" is defined internationally. I also wonder how some women's shift in their understanding differs from others.

    13. sewing, stitching, quilting and knitting

      Visualization: I picture my grandmother's craft work. she knew really intricate stitching patterns and would do most things by hand.