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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. I have been training for so many years

      Keep up the dedication Tadan with the martial arts!

    2. MY favorite subject is Sports Medicine.

      Sports medicine is my favorite class too!!!

    3. I’m an all sports type of person.

      Do you play any other sports in high school season?

    4. playing center back and no gets by me. I hope my passion and commitment for soccer can get me thru life.

      Playing center back is very difficult for any player, so you got some talent Arath, the dedication is great!

    5. Most of my family lives in Mexico

      Very interesting, what part of Mexico is your family from?

    6. being around my family

      Don't forget about your family. Your family always come first, not many people realize that. It takes a good heart to notice that.

    7. I practice it so much it is easy for me.

      That's great Jodaund! Working hard will pay off soon in the future, don't lose your focus because your dedication is very important.

    8. I enjoy playing basketball outside of school and at my high school.

      I enjoy playing a sport outside of school or high school season!