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  1. Feb 2017
    1. To me, immigration is the greatest example of our faulty thinking, a shortsightedness that hurts others while simultaneously hurting ourselves.

      his opinion

    2. Logically, if immigrants were “stealing” jobs, so would every young person leaving school and entering the job market; countries should become poorer as they get larger. In reality, of course, the opposite happens.

      they actually aren't stealing jobs

    3. Lump of Labor Fallacy: the erroneous notion that there is only so much work to be done and that no one can get a job without taking one from someone else.

      factor #1 on why we say immigrants are taking our jobs.

    4. Rationally speaking, we should take in far more immigrants than we currently do.

      we can take in more immigrants than we actually do and we still complain about there being too many immigrants.

    5. hrough offering legal status to some of the roughly 11.2 million undocumented workers who aren’t going away.

      there are undocumented workers

  2. Nov 2016
    1. r, it will prove her greatest curse.


    2. My master began to whisper foul words in my ear. Young as I was, I could not remain ignorant of their import

      she began becoming a young girl and with that came sexual rape from master

    3. We all concluded by saying, "He that is willing to be a slave, let him be a slave."
    4.  This gentleman was a Northerner by birth, and had married a southern lady

      non racist northener

    5. Ben, you are sick," said he. "Why, you look like a ghost. I guess I gave you something of a start. Never mind, Ben, I am not going to touch you. You had a pretty tough time of it, and you may go on your way rejoicing for all me. But I would advise you to get out of this place plaguy quick, for there are several gentlemen here from our town." H

      man let ben go

    6.         This audacity was punished with heavier chains, and prohibition of our visits.

      punishment for asking if he can go to his master

    7.         Three months elapsed, and there was no prospect of release or of a purchaser.

      ben was 3 months in jail

    8. He escaped from the vessel, but was pursued, captured, and carried back to his master.

      ben was caught tryimg to escape after hitting his master

    1. Neal and Rick find that in 2010, black men earned about 75 cents for every dollar white men out of prison made.

      inequality on top of prison charge

    2. The Census separately measures this population. According to that data, about 7.6 percent of these white men were institutionalized in 2014. (Overwhelmingly, this means jail, but it could also mean a mental hospital or a nursing home.) For black men, the fraction is so staggering, it seems like a typo — 29 percent of black male high-school dropouts between the ages of 20 and 34 were institutionalized in 2014.

      high school drop out comepared to white high school drop out

    3. Overall, about 60 percent of young white dropouts and 36 percent of young black dropouts were employed in 2014, according to the Census's Current Population Survey


    4. One in thirteen black adults can't vote because of their criminal records.


    5. According to Census data from 2014, there are more young black high school dropouts in prison than have jobs.
    6. Black men are imprisoned at six times the rate of white men.


    7. The most recent report puts the white unemployment rate at around 4.5 percent. The black unemployment rate? About 8.8 percent.

      disproportion in the job force by race1

    8. Black people are twice as likely as white people to be out of work and looking for a job. This fact was as true in 1954 as it is today.

      is a post racial society real?

  3. Oct 2016
    1. We don't die but once."

      keep fighting. either die in the condition or die trying to escape.

    2.         I took them off, and my stockings also. She then sent me a long distance, on an errand. As I went through the snow, my bare feet tingled. That night I was very hoarse; and I went to bed thinking the next day would find me sick, perhaps dead. What was my grief on waking to find myself quite well!

      walking in the snow was her first punishment and how it made her feel.

    3. She knew that some of them would be taken from her; but they took all. The
    4. If a slave is unwilling to go with his new master, he is whipped, or locked up in jail, until he consents to go, and promises not to run away during the year.

      tortured for not wanting to go be a slave

    5.   Hiring-day at the south takes place on the 1st of January.
    6. God for taking her away from the greater bitterness of life

      death was better than living

    7.     The girl's mother said, "The baby is dead, thank God; and I hope my poor child will soon be in heaven, too

      relief the child was dead

    8. I once saw a young slave girl dying soon after the birth of a child nearly white. In her agony she cried out, "O Lord, come and take me!" Her mistress stood by, and mocked at her like an incarnate fiend. "You suffer, do you?" she exclaimed. "I am glad of it. You deserve it all, and more too."


    9. sometimes she was locked up, away from her nursing baby, for a whole day and night.


    10. dish not to his liking, he would either order her to be whipped,


    11. She did this to prevent the cook and her children from eking out their meagre fare with the remains of the gravy and other scrapings.


    12. She had lived forty years under the same roof with my grandmother; she knew how faithfully she had served her owners, and how cruelly she had been defrauded of her rights; and she resolved to protect her. The auctioneer waited for a higher bid; but her wishes were respected; no one bid above her.

      she was sold to her mistress sister and set free

    13. grandmother's mistress had always promised her that, at her death, she should be free; and it was said that in her will she made good the promise. But when the estate was settled, Dr. Flint told the faithful old servant that, under existing circumstances, it was necessary she should be sold.

      he was set free the grandmother but the son in law disregarded it and insisted on selling her

    14. Little attention was paid to the slaves' meals in Dr. Flint's house.

      so sad!

    15. Moreover, they thought he had spoiled his children, by teaching them to feel that they were human beings.

      feeling like humans made them spoiled blows my mind.

    16. I heard her mother sob, as the clods fell on the coffin of her only child,

      daughter died

    17. While I was with her, she taught me to read and spell; and for this privilege, which so rarely falls to the lot of a slave, I bless her memory.

      she taught her how to read and spell and for that she will forever be greatful. thats crazy that thats the best she could think about.

    18. But, alas! we all know that the memory of a faithful slave does not avail much to save her children from the auction block.

      she didn't let her free she was still a slave.

    19. When I was nearly twelve years old, my kind mistress sickened and died

      happy days were over and that kind mistress had died.

    20. On her death-bed her mistress promised that her children should never suffer for any thing; and during her lifetime she kept her word.

      because her mom and her were friends they took good care of her as a child.

    21. he was the foster sister of my mother; they were both nourished at my grandmother's breast.

      her mothers master drunk milk from her slave mother.

    22. outh Carolina, who, at his death, left her mother and his three children free, with money to go to St. Augustine, where they had relatives. It was during the Revolutionary War; and they were captured on their passage, carried back, and sold to different purchaser

      grandpa was white and let his children and wife free but were captured and sent back

    23. hey lived together in a comfortable home; and, though we were all slaves,

      parents were slaves but not horrible conditions.

    24. purchase his children;

      was he white?

    25.         I WAS born a slave; but I never knew it till six years of happy childhood had passed away.

      innocent childhood until the age of 6

    26. Secondly, the mistress, with whom she lived till she was twelve years old, was a kind, considerate friend, who taught her to read and spell

      this is how she learned how to read and spell

    27.         At her request, I have revised her manuscript; but such changes as I have made have been mainly for purposes of condensation and orderly arrangement. I have not added any thing to the incidents,

      the author has edited but not added anything just simply helped her write it.

    28. esire to arouse the women of the North to a realizing sense of the condition of two millions of women at the South, still in bondage, suffering what I suffered, and most of them far worse.

      true meaning why she did it.

    29. Neither do I care to excite sympathy for my own sufferings

      shes not doing this for attentio

    30. When I first arrived in Philadelphia, Bishop Paine advised me to publish a sketch of my life, but I told him I was altogether incompetent to such an undertaking.

      she was told to document her life but at the point she couldn't.

  4. Sep 2016
    1. known some few good monarchs, but groaned beneath a much larger number of bad ones:

      english kings were bad

    2. I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you. THE LORD SHALL RULE OVER YOU.

      he uses scripture to prove the point

    3. And when a man seriously reflects on the idolatrous homage which is paid to the persons of kings, he need not wonder that the Almighty,

      god is the only king needed

    4. It was the most prosperous invention the Devil ever set on foot for the promotion of idolatr

      devils work

    5. kings

      god doesn't want kings it was the king that brought the world into ruins

    6. First.—That the King is not to be trusted without being looked after, or in other words, that a thirst for absolute power is the natural disease of monarchy.⚓✪ Secondly.—That the Commons, by being appointed for that purpose, are either wiser or more worthy of confidence than the Crown.

      allegations towards the king criticizing

    7. if the people suffer, they know the head from which their suffering springs;

      the king doesn't care if the people suffer they benefit from the misery

    1. Creo en el pueblo Cubano.

      Obama addresses the cuban people directly letting them know he believes in them in Spanish. By doing this Obama establishes a common ground with the audience and makes himself seem sincere/ trustworthy about such claims.

    2. ou see it in Gloria Gonzalez, who traveled here in 2013 for the first time after 61 years of separation, and was met by her sister, Llorca.

      Obama shares an experience for emotional appeal to the audience.

    3. Look at Papito Valladeres, a barber, whose success allowed him to improve conditions in his neighborhood.

      Obama shares an experience of triumph and uses him as an example for the Cuban people and government to lead. Obama shares this experience for an emotional appeal showing there is hope for the Cuban people. People are doing great things in their country.