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  1. Nov 2019
    1. The concept of parameterization is crucial to visualization because the ways in which we assign value to the data will have a direct impact on the ways it can be displayed.

      crucial concept in understanding and being successful with visualization.

    2. Many information visualizations are the “reification of misinformation.”

      Is that a good or bad thing? or both.

    3. or semantic value, is crucial to the production of information visualization. But any sense that “data” has an inherent “visual form” is an illusion.

      Eye grabbing word: Semantic Value and the statement "But any sense that data has an inherent visual for is an illusion" is a very interesting statement.

    4. ranging—anything that can be quantified, given a numerical value, can be turned into a graph, chart, diagram, or other visualization through computational means.

      this is ignoring context of the situation and is making the claim that regardless if it is given numerical value it can be made into a bar graph. For our purposes this is true

    1. Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 19 (November 8, 1957)

      This was in the legal topics section of the Densho Digital Repository. It speaks about racial hate groups and their rise in the west. This was after the internment ended and a few years after Pearl Harbor so this tells me there is still animosity and hate in the communities in regards to the Japanese.

  2. Oct 2019
    1. In 1945, it became relevant for the first time to tell world history in terms of milliseconds, and, very soon, it also became necessary to start thinking in practical terms about the transmission of information over the course of the very long term.

      So as our history so did our understanding/interoperation of a timeline and what it is necessary to it.

    2. But Priestley’s commentary points to a problem too. History had never actually taken the form of a timeline or of any other line for that matter. And simplicity, the great advantage of the form, threatened also to be its greatest flaw.

      So this thought is that time may not be linear as we are taught or suspect. A very interesting thought to say the least

    3. the object of any of our senses, and no image can properly be made of it, yet because it has a relation to quantity, and we can say a greater or less space of time, it admits of a natural and easy representation in our minds

      believe due to his efforts and in part of our desire for a deeper understanding we have given these traits to time. Father time, a grandfather clock also gives a representation of time. The line specifically "can say a greater or less space of time, it admits of a natural and easy representation in our minds". Is a interesting statement