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  1. Nov 2017
    1. The Commissioners for the University of Virginia having met, as by law required at the tavern in Rockfish gap on the blue ridge, on the 1st. day of August of this present year 1818, and having formed a board, proceeded on that day to the discharge of the duties assigned to them by the act of the legislature intituled an “act appropriating part of the revenue of the literary fund and for other purposes” and having continued their proceedings by adjournment from day to day to Tuesday the 4th: day of August, have agreed to a report on the several matters with which they were charged, which report they now respectfully address and submit to the legislature of the state.

      This was the day that everybody got together to discuss the building of the university. On this day they discussed where the location would be, what would be taught at the school and much more. This day was historical because it set the precedence for what the school would be like today. @sarah brickman 111

    2. Geometry elemental is that of straight lines and of the circle

      Knowing that this type of math was around back then is astounding. I did not know there were advancements in geometry. I also did not know there would be so many different things taught at the university because the most popular subjects back then were reading, writing and arithmetic. @sarah brickman 111

    1. The chapter Abuse Behind The Wall summarizes many ofthe important milestones of the last decade in uncovering andaddressing custodial sexual abuse.3

      first point

    2. In each of the successive chapters of the book, Talvi ad-dresses different issues affecting this growing population of in-carcerated women. Three of the most compelling sectionsaddress issues that have been a major focus of advocates’ workon behalf of women prisoners—physical and sexual abuse, inad-equate medical care, and deficient mental health treatment.3

      your thesis

  2. Oct 2017
    1. Once this process of criminalization is set in motion, sustained criminal involvement becomes the norm as well as a rational coping strateg

      Uses prison as an escape from home life

    2. Black girls from lower socioeconomic classes, in? volvement in "precriminaT behavior may be viewed as active resistance to victimization: these behaviors include running away from home, stealing, and leaving schoo

      Lower income neighborhoods

    3. IN THIS ARTICLE, I EXAMINE THE DUAL PROCESS of victimization and criminalization for young Black women who end up in prison. Dimen? sions of victimization include patriarchy, family violence, economic marginality, racism, and mis-education. Dimensions of criminalization include structural dislocation, association with deviant and criminal others (including drug addicts), processing and labeling as a status offender, and re-creation of familial relationships within the criminal world

      Thesis: looking at what causes young African american women to go to jail or become victims of the prison system