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  1. Jul 2020
    1. M: This article focuses on what parents can do to be better "sports parents"

      O: I thought this was a really great article, if you look at the 6 things that are "wrong", it points to some of the concepts that keep coming up again and again as I look through comments/posts about mental toughness.

      • be accountable/responsible
      • focus on putting in the work, that's the important part
      • don't blame others.
      • there is a time and a place appropriate for all conversations.

      Q: "Losing hurts and it should hurt. The pain eventually subsides, but if we remove the failure, setbacks, and allowing them ownership of their mistakes than we actually cheapen the joy of winning. How can we truly appreciate winning and improvement if we have never lost?"

    1. M: mm

      O: definition

      Q: "steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement."

    1. M: Definition for grit

      O: Considering definitions of synonyms.

      Q: "firmness of character; indomitable spirit; pluck:"

    1. M: Synonyms for toughness: grit, resolve, perserverance, persistence.

      O: Understanding what synyonyms might be used is useful for getting a firm grounding on the language around the topic.

      Q: in this case the quotes are the other words.

    1. TEDxVictoria - Dr. Sean Richardson - Mental Toughness: Think Differently about your World

      "Growth mindset" vs "Fixed mindset" is important to consider as I dig deeper into the subject of mental toughness. This video talks about various attributes that are important for mental toughness.

      • work with your feelings not against them
      • keep your eye on the big picture
      • Fail going 100%!
    1. The next year, doxxing became a tool by in the “GamerGate” controversy, an online dispute purportedly about ethics in video game journalism that became a foundational moment for some of today’s fringe far right. Mostly male video-game players began to publish personal information — including home address and phone numbers — for women in their community, typically journalists and game designers who they said were unfairly politicizing gaming culture.

      I saw a play about game gate, really well done and really illustrated the personal impacts of being "doxx"'d. Reflecting back on that story, doxx'ing seems like it might be a poor way to actually influence someone's thinking or behavior.

    2. In short, once someone is labeled a Nazi on the internet, that person stays a Nazi on the internet.

      I think that same could be said for any label you want to put on people on the internet. Due to the nature of the internet once it is "out there" it is never going away. Even if you have evolved and no longer hold views you once held, the things you said, will continue to be there for everyone to experience, see, judge, discover about you, etc.

    1. In the case of that woman from Blair’s flight, her legions of “fans” are digging day and night to find more information, to meet the female lead of this summer’s hottest rom-com. They want to know what happens next. They want to make her finish the story. Go on a date; now kiss; now get engaged; tell us what it was like. We need to know more. More. More.

      In many ways that is one of the most unfortunate things about the "commercialization of the internet", social media, reality television, etc. it's the whole idea of pleasure versus enjoyment. When we aren't working for anything and just passively letting it come to us, we discard it as soon as it's "used up"

    2. Seemingly innocent cases, like that of “Plane Bae,” are small warning signs on the road to our even more networked future. We are all watching each other, mining each other’s lives for “content” that we give for free to large corporations who then monetize it. “Plane Bae” didn’t just benefit Twitter, a company badly in need of good PR, but also T-Mobile, whose savvy CEO swooped in to offer Blair a reimbursement on the Wi-Fi she purchased to write her thread.

      That's the really tragic part is that people are selling other people's lives so they can get "internet famous" for just a moment. Not for doing anything meaningful with their lives, simply by harvesting private moments of other people.

  2. Jun 2020
    1. You always have the mental toughness to fight the battles of today. It’s when you add the battles of yesterday and the imagined battles of tomorrow that life becomes burdensome.Take care of today.

      Another way of saying "stay present" but I also liked the graphic linked here:

      "Strength doesn't mean you're not afraid, it means you keep going, even when fear and doubt say you cant"

    2. Mental toughness It is NOT about enduring physical pain. It’s about controlling your attention in the present moment. True mental toughness is the ability to get razor sharp focus on What’s Important Now (W.I.N.) regardless of distractions, emotions, or circumstances

      I really like this quote, so often we are in the groove and moving forward and then our mind wanders and everything falls apart, we start to question ourselves and our belief in ourselves suffers

    3. Man nothing will test your mental toughness like having to take a shower when your hot water is broke.

      I've become fascinated with what mental toughness means to different people. I know this reference is a bit of joke, even so it is another perspective on mental toughness

    1. there’s no domestic terrorism charge.”To be clear, there is a law that defines domestic terrorism but not one that charges people who commit acts of terrorism in America. People who conspire with international terrorists—even if they aren’t materially involved in an act of violence—are charged with “

      I was shocked by this. As a nation we've been burdened with domestic terrorism for far too long to not have laws in place that address this problem directly.

    1. It’s not enough to check the stuff that is suspicious: if you apply your investigations selectively, you’ve already lost the battle.

      That jumped out at me, I often check things that I am suspicious of, but I don't check everything. Good reminder to check everything.

    1. tension

      I really like this graphic showing the "skin pressure" and other forces at play when considering the pressure of a bubbl

    2. Good general information on VPM and RGBM bubble models