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  1. Jun 2019
    1. Selected from functional use case:

      Assumptions for both prem and cloud would include:

      1. Geographic redundancy
      2. Third party platforms like SBC's and Gateways will be managed by the customer and not Gensys.
      3. Call & Screen recording will be stored on the customer premises in remote content servers
      4. MPLS bandwidth is considered an estimate and final design completion will dictate actual requirements
      5. MPLS bandwidth calculations are based on peak call volumes & include application traffic
      6. G.711 is the default codec
      7. Media / RTP will remain local at the customer site(s).
      8. LAN / WAN at the customer will be QoS enabled
    2. Desired

      Desired state would be where the customer could easily request co-browse support or the agent could proactively offer it to reduce frustration and improve customer experience.

    3. Info needed.

      Benefits could include: Improved customer experience, Improved employee satisfaction, Improved employee utilization, and Reduced Handle Time.

    4. quickly

      It also prevents frustration which customers can experience when they can't find what they're looking for, as well as preventing inbound calls to your contact center.

  2. Mar 2019
    1. Your customer is frustrated because they're having trouble on your website. Your agent is frustrated because he can't see where the customer is struggling. The customer has to describe what's on the screen; the agent has to articulate where to click. It's cumbersome — and results in long handle times.

      Co-browse in many cases are table stakes. Some of our competitors have been capable of co-browse for awhile. I don't disagree with the summary of the "business challenge," but I think there could also be more to indicate that our customers are demanding this functionality.