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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Female fertility is not an injury or disease, and the Pill is not (in its most common use) a treatment or a cure. Indeed, it suppresses a bodily function, but in a way that gives women greater power, helping them control when they can and cannot reproduce.

      I have to argue with this. Everyone seems to think that the only thing pill is capable of doing is preventing pregnancy. The pill can be used in other ways as well. Some women can have hormonal imbalances in their bodies and can have an abnormal menstrual cycle. With an abnormal menstrual cycle some women can have issues such as experiencing menstrual cycles for the whole month, or even skip months without getting their period. With an abnormal cycle it is very hard to regulate these cycles and know when they are supposed to start or end. The pill contains hormones which helps keep these cycles regulated. The pill can even reduce pain from PMS which is a plus because some cramps can be unbelievably painful. The pill can even help with acne and other such problems. These are just some of the benefits the pill is capable of doing. In the paragraph he says that the pill is not a treatment or a cure but that is just plain wrong. The pill is helping cure many women who experience hormonal problems.