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  1. Aug 2016
    1. The number of children and family members caught crossing the southern border has dipped in recent months but is expected to increase seasonally this summer ahead of the presidential election.

      most of the time they will come with their families because they don't want them to stay in Honduras living a bad life.This matter because who will want their family in another country without going to see them. Something that my family all the time tell me is that we think life is easy but is not the way be see it.

    2. Yet they continue to arrive by the thousands at this shelter in McAllen, a crossroads city in the immigrant influx that in 2014 overwhelmed border holding areas and youth shelters with more than 68,000 children

      there will be many and many teens coming to the U.S. most of them will make it here save but most of them won't. This will matter to people because you don't want your kids to try to come to the U.S and somebody calls you and tell you that your child die. Something that i had heard about all this things is that people are coming here because they don't like the life they living in honduras.

    3. The latest trip cost him $6,000. And he still has his nephew and wife back in Honduras whom he hopes to bring to the U.S. one day. Ortiz said he has no intention of avoiding his scheduled court appearance in North Carolina.

      most of the time people will spend all that money and at the end of the day they will not make it to the U.S. This matter because some of my family's came to this country that way. something that I heard about this is that people may die on there way to this country.

    1. First and foremost, we mightaswell go ahead and take the word justice out of “Justice System”. In all reality it is just a system; A long process to determine the value of another person’s life. I wonder if I could ask the courts, “If this was a family member, friend, or lover of yours, would the outcome of the process be the same?”. When it comes to police shootings there is almost never any justice whatsoever.

      people will start doing what they want to do and may not pay no may to what the president may have to say.this will matter to the people who is voting for the president and they will not like that there is people that are not respecting what is the president say.this connect to my life because my family vote.

    2. I want to know why they think this is ok. Do they see us as less human? Are they afraid of us? It’s gotten to a point where myself and others are now furious. If a person is in the wrong, by all means do your job, but is your job to kill? There is absolutely no reason for an UNARMED civilian to be shot.

      most of the people are thinking that they may be afraid of them do they see people less because they got more money than them.This will matter to the people that don't got no houses. Something that I heard about this is that people that have no food at home or something missing in there live they will feel some type of way.

  2. Jul 2016
    1. Six to eight hours of at-a-stretch sunlight coming from your south facing window, is optimum for your potted plant provided there is enough ventilation in the area as well. Moderate heat is what roses require in order to thrive beautifully.

      If you want your flowers to grow up nice you are going to have to go ask somebody that know a lot about flowers. This matters to people because they don't want a bad job on working on something they really like something. This connect to my life because when I was like 6,7,8 i really didn't like flowers and they had me taking care of it.

    2. Based on the water retaining capacity of the soil in the pot you may need to water it daily or on alternate days. Once blooming stops, keeping it dry for some time in between watering does not hurt. Fertilization mainly consists of water-soluble varieties on a monthly basis

      people will have to put water on the plants every day take care of it all the time like a baby. This matters because there are people that work and won't be able to water the plants on time. This connect to my life because sometimes I us to forget all about me watering the flowers and my mom us to get mad

    3. The very first step for growing roses as indoor houseplants is the planting process. A four to eight inch pot containing drainage holes is ideal. Plant roses in the layer of peat soil inside the pot.

      many people may not know what to do when they are growing roses at home. This matters because let's say that you are trying to make money out of the flores you making at home and one day you get home and see that all your flores die because you did do all the right things at home for the flores to be good.

    4. One of the popular methods is growing the flowers indoors. It is not difficult and through relevant knowledge, it is possible to fill up your house with these fragrant blossoms.

      there is some people that don't got a hallway.this matters because not all people gos space outside there house to grow flowers out there. If i connect this to my life it will be different because my house in Honduras we are able to grow plants outside.

    1. Many marijuana growers don’t do the math correctly, and end up with too-tall plants that grow too close to their grow lights.

      you don't really have to know math to grow marijuana that is what people think and when you try to do it most of the time it will come corre. This matters to the people that are growing marijuana because they are losing there money. somehow this connect to my life because my dad used to get my sister money and my brother us to use the money for marijuana.

    2. I was never very good at math in school, but as a marijuana grower, I’ve had to get better at it.

      most of the people is not able to be good in their classes because they are marijuana user was not able to focus in their classes. This matters because the kids are not getting the education they need. Like me i am not good at math but i have to get my work done.

    1. Not all people have the same feeling when they get high. Now I have studied more about marijuana and the effect marijuana causes in the human body. I believe that marijuana is not all that bad because marijuana is a herb that cures people and different things.

      Not all the people will have the same reasoning to the drugs they taking some people will get happy some of them will get mad. This matters because not all people want somebody that take drugs next to them and be acting like a full. Something that I heard about drugs is that you may sick if you stop taking it.

    2. Some people say a lot about the issue of marijuana like it’s a drug it kills people and it bad for humans. From what I heard marijuana isn’t really a drug is a herb grown on earth that cures people.

      People are talking about people that are taking drugs family members are feeling bad for her because she taking drugs. Some people think this don't matter but i think it matter because people are making their life more bad by them keep on smoking. This connects to me because my hall family was mad at me when i first started smoking.

    3. I remember when I was 13 my dad spoke to me one  time about it. I did not learn more because at  that time I did not have someone to look up to for a couple of months to talk about Teens smoking weed.

      sometimes the parents will speak to their kids about drugs so they won't go and use it when they have the age to buy marijuana,alcohol,drugs. This will matter to the parents because they don't want their kids taking drugs at a young age. This connects to my life because I was only 14 when i first started smoking.

    4. One thing I know for sure about “Marijuana ” is that marijuana makes  teens have different feelings and motivations when smoking weed.

      most of the teens get different reasons about marijuana some of them will go to sleep will start laughing. This matters because there is teens that go to school and is not okay for them to go to sleep in class. How does this connect to me it connects to me because when i used to smoke and come to sleep i will come to sleep.

    1. alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs, most people who use marijuana can stop taking it when they want, while experiencing only minor withdrawal symptoms.

      But the best thing about taking marijuana is that you are able to stop not like the people that drink alcohol or other type of things. This matters to do that all they do is smoke because they could stop if they want to. One time me and my sister stop a man to ask him if he drink ans he told us the does and he had tried to stop bus he couldn't because his body was to use to it.

    2. Some hashish users like the feeling of these visions and thoughts, while others may find them scary. However, people rarely get hallucinations after smoking or eating cannabis.

      Most of the people smoke because they like it not because they have to do it or they going to things at home. This really matters to the teens that are smoking life because they don't want there kids to be on those types of things. My friend told me one time that her mom us to get mad when she us to go home high.

    3. This means that if a person starts taking heroin, meth, or cocaine, that person's body will physically need to keep taking the drug. If they try to stop using the drug, they may become very sick.

      That is the most bad thing about drugs that people will get addicted to it and will not stop using it. This matter to a lot of families because they don't want their kids to get addicted to drugs at a young age. something that i remember is when my brother started to smoke we all was mad at him in the family because we didn't want him to be addicted to the drugs.

    4. According to a 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine, marijuana (especially THC) can decrease pain; control nausea and vomiting; and improve appetite.

      That is probably by people ate smoking because if make the pain go away. This will matter to people that is sick because the only way they could not feel the pain is by smoking. This connect to my life because I have family members that are sick

    5. As of 1995, scientists had not shown that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer, even in people who smoke a lot of marijuana for a long time.

      there had been people saying that marijuana may save people from having cancer. This matter to so many people in this word because there is people dying of cancer. This connects to my life because my grandmother was sick of cancer.

    6. Uruguay was the first country in the world to make it legal to grow, sell, and use cannabis.

      people will go to the place just to get some drugs and then try to get it in there country. This will matter to the people that don't take drugs because they may not like the way it smell when they pass by people that don't smoke. Something i hurt about drugs was that it may kill people.

    7. A person who is intoxicated ("high" or "stoned") from marijuana could get hurt or killed in an accident if they drive a car.

      most of the time they will get killed because when you drunk you cant move as fast like in the regula there is so many people thas is dieing because of drugs. This matters to me because i have friends that have died because of drugs. Something that i know about drugs is that it may save you or kill you

    8. As of 2016, many different countries and some states in the United States have made it legal for people with certain medical problems to use marijuana as a medicine.

      so if people think that marijuana is good for people that have certain medical problems why they not laten people smoke if is so call good for people body. This matters to me because some of my family is sick. something that i huart that people that got cancer.

    9. Marijuana is an illegal drug in many countries

      but in some countries is not illegal that is why there is so many kids in the word that be taking drugs because they be getting it from another state most of the time people from a another state be the one bring in the drugs. this matter to me because there in a lot of kids from honduras that take drugs. something that i hurt was that you don't have to be 21 to get drugs

    1. I had everything, a good job, money, a loving family, yet I felt so empty inside. As if I had nothing. Over twenty years of using, I kept saying to myself, I’m going to stop permanently after using this last time.

      people will have all the things they need it in there life up to they start using drugs and they will lose all they have.I really think it matter to people because you know what is doing all good and then you start using drugs all you lose all you got. It connect to my life because i lost some of my family when they first found out i smoke

    2. they was a lot of people that was tell to try drugs by friends family,girlfriend, boyfriend ,but most of the time they will do it yest to be cool.it matters because most of the people is losing there family for using drugs.it connect to me becuse when my family fist fond out that i was smoking they got mad at me.

    3. “It started with the weed, then the pills (Ecstasy) and acid, making cocktails of all sorts of drugs, even overdosing to make the rushes last longer. I took copious amounts of these chemicals every day for as long as two years until I had a bad trip o

      people will start with something simple then take it to the next level. Sometimes people will not know how bad is going all the way when they start knowing that they don't got friends now they way there self dont know were they going to sleep at because there family don't want them anymore where is your friend .It connect to me because when i was going to bad things with my family nobody was there the people i used to call my friends was not there for me.

    1. “Even if their friends do not smoke marijuana, but do not disapprove of its use, teens are more likely to give it a try.”

      They don't have to see it with family or friends they got facebook and facebook is all about drugs and sex. This matters because they may go and have sex to because they wanna try the things they see. This connect to my life because my little sister got facebook and if she see something about weed she may go try it.

    2. This matters to me because marijuana can be running in the family / blood. Half of my family smoked weed for a good amount of their time, and now I do. So probably this was running in our blood or family.

      some people don't know how much they could lose just by start taking drugs. This matters because what will people o without their family. connect to my life because i just to smoke.

    3. He says that because teens see friends or see family smoking weed they are going to do it. Or because they live in a neighborhood where they have too much activity going on around the neighborhood, they might smoke weed.

      most of the time that is the reason by most of the teens be smoking weed because they see it with there family or friends. It matters to me because if people get to know that they smoking because they see it in there house they may have a ACS case. something i heard about weed is that it may kill you.

    1. Research published by the American Journal of Psychiatry found that the men who used marijuana heavily in their late teens were 40 per cent more likely to die by the age of 60 than those who never used it. Heavy use was defined as teens who used marijuana more than 50 times.

      they say that if you smoke when you a teen you could die at the age of 50 and the most up you could go up to is 60 .It matter because people don't want to die at 5o or 60 they want do die when they like 90,100. I think is connect to me because i smoke so that mean that i am going to die when i am 50,60

    2. It also found that the risk of death from suicide or an accident was directly proportional to the level of marijuana use the men had as teens.

      most of the kids death is because of the marijuana.it matters because that mean if me and my friesd still smoke something like that may hapend to us.my dad us to all the time tell me that i never know what will happend if i stay smoking.

    3. most of the people will and up in the hospital because they will smoke so much telling people after they came out of the hospital not to use drugs because it will make you take back shoes. I it will matter because at fies you going to think is fun up to you get addicted to it.many people us to tell me that if i try it i will like it and the first time I try it I frist i like it the way it feelt.

    1. If their close friends are using alcohol and drugs, teens will do it to "fit in" or to be "cool." Therefore, it is important that parents know your children's

      that is the problem many kids are having that they do things yet to be cool not because they are going to something in there family is like saying i am going to kill somebody yest because my friends think is cool to be a bad teen it i know a lot of teens that are doing it yest to be cool

    2. If there was one simple reason you could focus your efforts toward addressing that issue and help protect your child from early marijuana use, which is important

      I will not be getting my son mad I will let him do what he want to do he could g out with his friends i will all the time tell him that if he starts smoking he will not be able to go out with his friends he will have to come home after school i will take his phone.

    3. They turn to drugs to escape the fear and pain of abuse.

      people go to so many things the first thing they want to do when they get mad is smoke. Most of the people take drugs because they are so scared that it they not feeling the way the drugs make them feel they will hurt somebody because they don't got the drugs to come them down

    4. Children who have been physically or sexually abused are at greater risk than other teens for using marijuana and other drugs

      most of the kids will get raped because they will be in some type of drugs and they will smoke more because they don't want to remember what happened to them. my cousin gos raped because she was drunk

    5. If teens have close friends who use marijuana, they have a tendency to adopt the attitude that "everyone is doing it"

      I agree because that is how i started smoking because my friends will all the time smoke next to me that is how it connects to me it matter to me a lot because that way i will who are really my friends because a real friend will not tell me to smoke.

    6. Many teens turn to marijuana in an effort to self-medicate, to make themselves feel better. They use marijuana to try to cope with depression, anxiety and anger

      I agree because I know that was the resend one of my friends was taking drugs and her family was all the time was getting her mad so she will smoke to get her to come down when her family get her mad. It us to matter to us because we didn't want her to do something bad and she will be taking away from her family

    7. Probably the most common reason that youngsters in their early teens begin initial marijuana use is the influence of others in their lives,

      I agree because when I first started smoking it was with my friends they us to all the time tell me to try it that i will like it that is how it connects to me. It matters because if somebody ask me why and with who i started smoking with i will be able to tell them that is wish my friends

    8. It would be nice if there was one clear reason that children and young teenagers begin using marijuana,

      I think it will be nice because that way people will be able to help us because they will know why are we taking drugs that is why it matters.It connects to me because when i was smoking i didnot know what to say when people ask me why am I smoking

    1. can benefit from knowing that marijuana users who use because they are bored are more likely to use certain other drugs,

      Most of the people use marijuana because they are all the time having problems in their family or they are going through something.This is important because be get to know why is people taking drugs it connect to me because one of my family members was going to the type of drugs problemes.

    1. When you see other get trailed its like the justice system goes easy on them like if they were kids

      they should never be following people

    2. who was arrested  for selling drugs when he really didn’t sell any

      they have to look for evidence before doing something to people like putting them in jail

    3. Once people in jail his family really struggle to the point where my aunt couldn’t take it anymore and she left him

      putting people in jail make the family break the relationship they had

    4. The justice system can be very cruel when it comes to race to

      people is all the time being racist

    5. The justice system is supposed to put the criminals behind bars but yet they putting innocent people in prison.

      That the justice system is unfavor and, it doesn't look into evidence