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  1. Sep 2017
    1. trust

      Always such a tricky term. Does it mean inter-personal trust? Or is it more about information security? A candid definition is "trust is a belief that someone will act in your interests, even if they have the opportunity and motivation to do otherwise." (Wilting, 2017). It supposes that if you have to trust someone then the other party generally has more power.

      This document is tricky because if the Internet should be governed by all of us, then what kind of trust are we looking at?

    2. our democratic institutions

      Does this mean our Governments? And when so many Governments shut down the internet to try and cease control over the flow of information, are these bodies really acting in the best interest of the people?

    3. ethics

      Throughout history ethics takes time for society to figure out... think about the the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code in the medical context. Then slavery and so on... ethics seem to come as a result of societal behaviours, not before.

    4. technology is consuming

      I think this is a bold statement to make; technology itself doesn't consume anything, right? We consume technology and as information technology is being used more ubiquitously for half the world's population, this is where these issues come about.