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  1. Jun 2024
    1. we developed ‘Line Profiler’

      how trustworthy/biased is this (feels like an ad)

    2. automated image-processing software

      what are some downsides to using automated image processing software

    3. Agarose

      Recognized from my lab-- we use it for electrophoresis to run DNA, compare to a ladder, and locate aspects like degradation and backbone and cut out precursor using razor blade

    4. organic dyes

      Is it is specifically about these specific dyes that dstorm requires? What would happen if you didnt use these 2 specific dyes, are there ones that allow for multicolor super resolution that just may appear as well?

    5. epitope

      what are other things that dstorm can be efficiently used on and how can we relate what this tells us about epitopes to more ways we can combine different microscopes

    6. adapted

      Were there qualities or aspects of old hydrogel that they had to give up in order to adapt it?

    7. Ex-SIM

      What are drawbacks to combining multiple types of microscopy

    8. transverse filaments

      allows inner arms to interact for crossing over

    9. genetically diverse

      important for proliferation and adaptability to environmental changes

    10. ExM

      Is this specifically U-ExM? If not, does this mean that different types of ExMs can preserve the 3D molecular architecture of different things (such that this particular ExM with SIM can preserve the Drasophila SC but not U-ExM. Does U-ExM only preserve the 3d architecture of centrioles?

    11. ultrastructural

      ultrastructural: not visible through a light microscope