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  1. Nov 2015
    1. ou are an artist, its ok to write emotionally! O

      all the emotions

    2. Who is your audience? –Write for them.

      good idea to add

    3. Your name and title of your piece. A detailed description of your art work: What materials did you use? Dimensions of artwork What were you thinking as you created this? How it will fit into the gallery or setting. Why you are submitting your work.


    4. one page single-spaced with 12 point font,

      general size and font

    1. our proposal should consist of a written explanation of the concept behind your exhibition, plus at least 12 images to accompany the written report.

      Key points for proposal

    2. down-to-earth language.

      This is for the public make it simple

    3. ou will probably need short (50-100 words) and long (500 words)

      Its not long so think carefully about your essential points

    4. Group exhibitions you’ve participated in • Performance pieces you’ve participated in • Residencies you’ve undertaken • Grants, prizes and awards you’ve received • Memberships to professional organizations • Commissioned projects you’ve worked on • Articles or books you’ve published • Institutions that hold collections of your work

      examples of things to add to a resume

    5. Your resume should tell the gallery that you are a serious artist who has had some experience of the art world before.

      Assembling a resume the important facts

    1. will need a written agreement that

      Looking into now

    2. Images

      Step 3. Have professional images of your art with nice lighting and make sure if you have colors they are true to life

    3. Document

      This is all about your art. How is it going to fit in? really talk it up

    4. Cover Letter

      Be professional add a cover letter, let the boss know you are there for business

    5. Think about what ties the work together.

      This is the BIG IDEA

    6. if they have a particular exhibition proposal format they prefer

      check the artsciencegallery requirements

  2. Sep 2015
    1. work becau

      this sentence was foreshadowing to the accidental finding answer to my question in the next paragraph

    2. designers

      the mochino line that was barbie and mcdonalds inspired only one season apart i believe. defs pop art

    3. eries of images on one print

      epiphany, there is a photo booth filter called pop art. #famous #itscurrent

    4. the best art form for anyone who might be intimidated by art.

      thats a really good point, its easily accessible and fun for most people to look at and appreciate

    5. Pop Art is so popular today that it’s used for creating awesome birthday cards, t-shirts, badges, calendars, posters, canvases – so it’s really hard to ignore. The features of this art like the bright colors and the prints haven’t yet faded and I seriously doubt that they’ll ever will, as the popular movement still continues to fascinate today.

      there it is, so it is in clothing. thought confirmed

    6. Today, Pop Art is still very popular, whether we’re talking about old originals selling for thousands of pounds or copies of those which are selling in large numbers for a small price. It’s clear that pop art has became more than just a statement and it’s impossible to ignore, it’s absolutely everywhere you go, in everyday life places, used for advertising (that is what it was initially used for in the 50’s).

      but where is it mostly?

    7. Clemens Briels, James Rizzi, Romero Britto, Steve Kaufman among others. All of these artists work in a Pop style and they have all found success in today’s art marketplace.

      this will come in handy!

    8. Pop Art in packaging designs

      oh and now there is a section on packaging.

    9. his

      so if pop art isnt as popular now in the fine arts, hypothetically, i know there is alot of pop art themed packing for products, would that still count? in a different way? Its mass produced... so maybe

    10. technique of silkscreen printing, a very popular technique used for mass production


    11. The most famous American Pop Artist, Andy Warhol had a very special interest in movie stars

      i wonder if current pop artists keep the celebrity fascination in the same way

    12. collages

      diff medium for pop art, then became pretty popular #magazinecutouts

    13. Andy Warhol’s motto was “I think everybody should be a machine” and actually tried to make it artworks that looked like there were made by a machine.

      thats intense, but he did a good job at making machine paintings

    14. Pop art is about removing the material from its context and isolating the object or combining it with other objects for contemplation. This concept actually refers to the attitudes that led to art.

      so if its in oil paint, its definitely not a portrait of a royal family member in the traditional sense

    15. Britain

      thought it was america???

    16. visual pleasures of people – like television, magazines or comics.

      this is still true but maybe in even more ways, social media, computer games

    17. Abstract

      I didnt know that..... i guess abstract came before pop art?

    18. Modern Era

      When was this exactly

    1. he decorative

      going back to practicality, you could argue that the high fashion industry doesn't make artistic decisions. But if you look at certain designers like jean paul guatie(sp?) he has very artistic views of something as practical as fashion.

    2. practical items

      i like practicality and wearing my art.

    3. art

      this seems to be a common theme in what ppl think is art. That it has to be unusable or in some way abstract with a confusing secret underlying theme. sometimes you just want a portrait of your dog. Its just your dog being a dog and i would still think that art.

    4. material they worked with

      preach. some materials are considered not fine art enough. tends to be the more traditional practical ones. Yarn, cloth, wax, small metal pieces.

    5. knitting to artists’

      i know a knitting artist, she did get a lot of criticism for her work. until she started watercoloring her textiles then weaving them. so maybe ppl expect more classical art style to be art

    6. craft and art have long been contested

      have they? why? like the craft of making something, like an artisan in comparison to artist?

    7. Unilever Series

      What is this?

    8. The V&A and the Crafts Council

      Didn't know there was a council, is it a formal council?

    9. 13 October 2011

      older article