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  1. May 2022
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    1. ICER1 gen


    2. DICER1 syndrome


    3. disrupts the biogenesis and processing of miRNAs with subsequent disruption in control of gene

      effects miRNA

    4. ers included, comparedto the control population: 8% and 0% for women and men, respectively [ 23 ]. Specifically, a recent studyindicated a correlation between truncating germline DICER1 mutations and familial multinodulargoiter, among other cancers [24]. Women are more likely to develop thyroid cancer than men, regardlessof DICER1 variant status [25 ]. Frequent malignant neoplasms of the endocrine system [26 ] such as

      family history

    5. Another study confirmed this, indicating that more than 60% of ovarianSertoli–Leydig cell tumors diagnosed harbored DICER1 mutations within the RNase III domain

      the same mutation

    6. History: Sertoli–Leydig cell tumor.

      the case study I referenced in the paper

    7. e mutation was found to be heterozygous forgermline but hemizygous in the tumor itself


    8. tumorigenesi

      second mutation

    9. , located on chromosome 14, position q32.1