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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Did the district just not see the problem with taking away some schools busing?

    2. why don't the teachers look at this and see that the cause is racism?

    3. I find it crazy that the school lost 100 students weekly.

    4. I think it is ridiculous that they came up with the idea to segregate the schools, while also leaving black students with the worst school supplies.

    5. I thought that these numbers where really interesting, especially when the Hispanic enrollments increased

    1. This quote really stands out to me. As a person of color it breaks my heart to see the African Americans be used, just like my ancestors.

    2. I am wondering the same exact thing.

    3. The Germans respected African American Soldiers more then America did by embracing black culture.

    4. I feel like schools should read this book in order to acknowledge how badly African Americans were being treated even after fighting for America.

    5. I never realized how horrible the African Americans were treated in the army during this time. They were being abused by Americans after putting their lives in danger to fight for America.

    6. I had never heard of the Red Ball Express until reading this article.

    7. I did not know that 1.2 million black men served in the army during ww2.

    8. I never realized that German army's had a separate army for African Americans and White Americans.