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  1. Apr 2019
    1. whole digital media and learning environment as a whole and how do we incorporate that into our mainstream educational process

      Beyond technical incorporation, there is an emerging need (as evidenced in a lot of the conversations happening around digital accessibility, student data, open washing, etc.). There is also a need for ethical leadership as we navigate teaching and learning with technology.

    2. The person in this role must be “enabled and empowered campus-wide so the people understand exactly who this person is and what he or she is doing.”

      Is this a more generalized specialist or a more specialized generalist than the other C-Suite roles? Neither?

    3. [this person] should interface [with] the CIO [and] the Provost’s office as the one who understands the data, who understands the ways the technologies are important to the students at all levels and important to the faculty at all levels and the researchers at all levels (2015).

      This seems like a logical extension of what many academic technology offices do in bridging communication between faculty and IT staff.

    4. We are revisiting this study and broader topic at OLC Innovate 2019! Please annotate and help guide our roundtable discussion.

      Session Title The Rising Profile Of The Chief Online Learning Officer

      Date Thursday, April 4th

      Time 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM

      Presenters Josh Herron (Anderson University), Jonathan Lashley (Boise State University), Benjamin Deaton (Anderson University)

      Location Cottonwood 10-11

      Brief Abstract Facilitators of this roundtable seek to spur conversation beyond an article that they published in 2016 on "The Chief Online Learning Officer: Competencies, Roles, and Trajectories." A discussion around these findings will help continue to shape the role, prepare those seeking such roles, and support those currently in it.

  2. Aug 2018
    1. 1997

      This is a public annotation, you can toggle to the class group in the top left of the Hypothes.is menu. Though, honestly, I'm not yet sure why we would.

      Also, how many of you were even alive in 1997?