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  1. Feb 2020
    1. MERS-CoV was the pathogen responsible for severe respiratory disease outbreaks in 2012 in the Middle East

      From what I have read, the MERS-CoV is different from SARS-CoV and the new 2019 Virus. Here we see an example of this virus spreading. I am a little curious on how this virus spreads, and how similar it is to the 2019 strand. I am wondering if a virus such as this is to mutate, or if is able to spread in a fashion, that it could impact society as harshly as the 2019 strand?

    2. pleomorphism

      Describing variability in size, shape, or form of an organism, or cell (and nuclei), during its life cycle.

    3. Orthocoronavirinae

      A subfamily of Coronaviridae. Coronaviridae is a family of RNA Viruses within the sub order of Cornidovirineae, which is a sub-order of Nidovirales. Nidovirales is a order of RNA viruses that use animals as hosts.