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  1. Nov 2017
    1. “the branches of learning, which shall be taught in the University, and the number & description of the professorships they will require” the commissioners were first to consider at what point it was understood that university education should commence?

      It is actually interesting that he puts in his report when the commissioners were to bring up that university education is brought up or expected in a household. This is usually always brought up and expected from where im from but it is forgotten that it was not always brought up in families in history.

    2. We are further of opinion that, after declaring by law that certain sciences shall be taught in the university, fixing the number of professors they require, which we think should at present, be ten, limiting (except as to the professors who shall be first engaged in each branch) a maximum for their salaries, (which should be a certain but moderate subsistence, to be made up by liberal tuition fees, as an excitement to assiduity,) it will be best to leave to the discretion of the visitors, the grouping of these sciences together, according to the accidental qualifications of the professors; and the introduction also of other branches of science, when enabled by private donations, or by public provision, and called for by the encrease of population, or other change of circumstances; to establish beginnings, in short, to be developed by time, as those who come after us shall find expedient. They will be more advanced than we are, in science and in useful arts, and will know best what will suit the circumstances of their day.

      It is so interesting that I came to UVA because of the science department while back then it only began as 10 teachers and a limited scientific branch palette. The lengths that the university itself has gone through and how many achievements it has acquired from that point to modern day is amazing considering the fact they basically started from nothing, becoming one of the best science departments in the country. Do you think Jefferson has the vision of the science department being as large as it is now?

  2. Oct 2017
    1. Naval Ethics

      Naval mathematics is seen as one of the hardest mathematics to do and yet everyone in the university would be taking this course, to have more of complex general education. why would they teach specific topics in a general education curriculum that would rarely be used by the majority? why not make this optional?