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  1. Oct 2017
  2. Jul 2017
    1. This problem not only occurs when it comes down to Smart Cities, but is a phenomenon in human - machine interaction in general.

      I agree

  3. Jun 2017
    1. I think gamification is marketing rhetoric

      this is bullshit

    2. he biggest problem with gamification is that its output, like with video games in general, can be cognitively reduced to its basic mechanics


      Elaborate speech by Stephanie Morgan on why Gamification sucks.

    1. it could target other computers by taking advantage of an exploit that was present in windows machines that werent up to date


      Video explaining how the WanaCry worm works, explained in a very understandable way.

    2. in many cases it might be a good idea just not to bother to connect a device to the internet

      Examples of useless Internet connected devices that might not need to exist in the first place.

    3. streamed your voice commands to the cloud
    1. Take Hello Barbie, the internet connected Barbie dollmore that streamed your voice commands to the cloud (yes, a children's toy).


      Here's a video that explains more about this Hello Barbie issue.