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  1. Mar 2016
    1. Dr. Alan Watkins has a developed a wonderful method for meditation to solve a problem that matches so well the information and insights here. We new that meditation was one important way out of packing. Now we know what type of meditation is essential.

  2. Nov 2015
    1. friends and relative

      Let teachers use the EFT program on kids who enter the school. Let managers test their applicants with EFT for jobs that require cognitive flexibility, insights, executive functions, juxtapositional thinking and analytical skills.

  3. Oct 2015
    1. theprogrammers stone blog also develops on further information about the topics presented here

    2. http://reciprocality.wikia.com/ is another mirror with additional material.

    1. Barkley - the ADHD proponent! Discovered the two cases where dopamine addiction does not appear Chronic Stress Causes Frontostriatal Reorganization and Affects Decision-Making E. Dias-Ferreira 2009 K. C. Briggs Kierkegaard - Repetition Max Stern - Repetition and Trauma Howard S. Schwartz - Narcissistic process and Corporate decay Genetic Deletion of A2A Adenosine Receptors in the Striatum Selectively Impairs Habit Formation. C. Yu, J. Gupta, J.-F. Chen, and H. H. Yin (2009) Adenosine receptor-dopamine receptor interactions in the basal ganglia and their relevance for brain function - A2A regulates the release of dopamine, striatum is largest part of the basal ganglia Fuxe K, Ferre S, Genedani S, Franco R, Agnati LF (September 2007) Concurrent Glucocorticoid and Noradrenergic Activity Shifts Instrumental Behavior from Goal-Directed to Habitual Control. L. Schwabe, M. Tegenthoff, O. Hoffken, and O. T. Wolf (2010) Dissociable Components of Rule-Guided Behavior Depend on Distinct Medial and Prefrontal Regions Mark J. Buckley, Farshad A. Mansouri, Hassan Hoda, Majid Mahboubi, Philip G. F. Browning, Sze C. Kwok, Adam Phillips, Keiji Tanaka Restricting Dopaminergic Signaling to Either Dorsolateral or Medial Striatum Facilitates Cognition Martin Darvas and Richard D. Palmiter (2009) Double loop learning - managerial inability for selfcriticism - C. Argyris Stress induces plasticity of nucleus accumbens causing repetition of habit Matthew R. Campioni, Ming Xu and Daniel S. McGehee Stress-induced dopamine release in humans at risk of psychosis -even in normal persons psychotic symptoms appear, explaining confabulation by packers Soliman A, O'Driscoll GA, Pruessner J, Holahan AL, Boileau I, Gagnon D, Dagher A The Influence of Stress on Dopamine Levels - Jessica Brock Cortisol levels increase when blood sugar levels are out of the norm, high cortisol means low dopamine Psychosocial stressor caused a significant release of dopamine in the ventral striatum Human cognitive flexibility depends on dopamine D2 receptor signaling Stress Prompts Habit Behavior in Humans Ben-Jonathan N, Hnasko R (2001).<br> "Dopamine as a Prolactin (PRL) Inhibitor"Since prolactin is massively increased in stress we can see how dopamine hides some effects of stress and elevates the person in stress to higher levels of dopamine. Dopamine keeps the person in stress. Beversdorf http://www.ted.com/talks/rodney_brooks_why_we_will_rely_on_robots.html

    2. Modulators of Integrated Stress Response Calico (an Alphabet company) have entered into collaboration with Peter Walter and his lab at UCSF to develop their technology which modulates the Integrated Stress Response (ISR) which is a set of biochemical pathways activated in response to stress. The research has the potential to tackle "age-related cognitive decline"---from wikipedia

    3. There are many more citable research papers that connect the dots. for example the two modalities in the neurological level are connected to the size of DLS vs the size of DMS and there is one area in the brain that further controls which unit and therefore which modality gets used to solve a given problem. Be it by resorting to procedures already learned or novel and creative ways to solve a problem.

    1. Epiphanous and prescient. Wowed me. Showed the way to superprogrammerhood. Complements the Pragmatic Apprenticeship Patterns.