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  1. Nov 2021
    1. Plus de familles traditionnelles en métropole

      This is something I can see happening or being very likely, as more and more families move into suburban, rural areas to raise their families away from the hurry of the city. people with smaller or no families at all would probably prefer to live in the city if they are work oriented or able to live in that area and accommodate to their family properly

    2. the article shows that there are actually 30% of children living with single parents rather than there being 21%, like the previous text states

    3. traditionnelles

      the word traditionnelle is in quotes because traditional families are becoming less common as more families separate or become bigger by combining with other families or on their own

    4. En toute logique

      the information represented in this text can be considered trustworthy as there are percentages and maps based on population concentration of types of families being presented

    5. Les conditions de logements influencées par la composition de la famille

      the type of information I get from this text is that the text will be about types of families in certain areas and how the type of families are affected by living conditions and the situations of their families, whether traditional or non-traditional.

    6. concentration


    7. département


    8. situation


    9. conditions


    10. adolescents


    11. influencées


    12. parents


    13. millions


    14. économiques


    15. statistique


    16. âgés


    17. publication


    18. CARTE. Traditionnelle, monoparentale ou recomposée : dans quel type de famille vivent les enfants ?

      First reading 2)In the images, families are being shown and the maps being shown are also there to represent the types of families that occupy metropolitan and suburban areas 3)Regarding the title and images, the information being presented will most likely be facts and stats based on certain. types of families in certain areas. I think it is an informative website meant for an audience interested in knowing a place to live in France for their families or a place to live where they can live the single life and people that may be too busy for families at all. The people that produced this website are most likely government as they are able to get the stats of certain families in certain areas or a website based of studying certain areas in France

    19. recomposée

      The words I recognize in the title are traditionnelle, monoparentale, recomposee, tyde de famille, and vivent les enfants

  2. Oct 2021
    1. Témoignage de Lolita, partie étudier au Canada

      The section heading is a lead on and foreshadow for the interview