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  1. Nov 2018
    1. OnClick

      the OnClick feature is as now not available. the contextual menu activate an URL on click as per Syncfusion component standard. We'll try to develop an advanced action to override this feature but it's not working out of the box.


    1. Only one sorting can be active at the same time.

      "Any active sort is kept as a secondary sort when a new grouping is activated" Isn't contradictory ?

    2. Display type sorting are not associated. An active sort in a list is not applied to the cards display type. And vice-versa.

      same as above should I be stored ?

    3. Display type grouping are not associated. An active grouping in a list is not applied to the cards display type. And vice-versa.

      should it be kept in storage if we go back to the last display ? let say I set a grouping on status for the card view and on the list view, then go back to card. Is it display in statuses groups or by defautl grouping ?

    4. Display types are cards, lists and grids

      not in the same SPA

    5. Removing a filter reset the pagination.

      filter is out of scope in the current dev. block

    6. Loading that takes more than 30 seconds must be cancelled (error management will be detailed in a later stage).

      Since it isn't established now. I suggest we use a simple javascript alert to display the message.

    7. Note that the filters and the search can be applied at the same time.

      even on the initial data load ? is there a default filter that can be customized on load (right after the login) ?

    8. current company

      couldn't be set/changed for now.

    9. Numeric (Int)

      Icon indicator will display this value

    10. Boolean

      Im not expert in DBR but it seems that the drum is a significant value for a milestone scheduler. As now the Drum value isn't shown no where in the card's mockup. Might be a cool way to show the drum in the card view as in a different color ? Every card could be the same color except the drum one.

    11. Text

      only a number employee is show in the mockup, do we need to display its number here then its name in the next column ?


    12. Color Badge

      Should we use this name overall ? (Quote status, workflow etc.)

    13. Progress Bar

      Penetration Meter (it has 2 display mode) please specified if the text is displayed or not.

    14. Text

      is it refering to the actual quote ? should we use Hyperlink to navigate to the Quote ? The quote (single editable form) isn't available yet but should we planned to link those kind of documents ?

    15. Numeric (Qty)

      the FA icon and number isn't a component at this hour but it will become one in the near future. I'll report its name for referencing.

    16. Text

      I think it reuse the component 'status' of the quote module. Can we extract this widget out of quote and gives it a significant name so we can reuse and refer to in further developpement ?

    17. Text

      Same things as the Penetration Meter. It should relates to a component with its specs. Text isn't representative.

    18. Custom

      when we define a custom visualization component such as the meter here we should use it's name and link it with the component definition. As now there is no spec to understand how the penetration acts. We can only rely on UI.

    19. Request the current company job milestones

      do we need to login using a specific company and/or a way to change it after login ? There is no UI to log in and select a company at this point. It should be planned if needed.

    20. Three levels of grouping are supported.

      how should it reflects visually ?

    21. Iceberg main navigation

      this feature is out of scope, I believe. In the spec presentation meeting they have been ruled out.