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  1. Jul 2020
    1. findings demonstrate that livestock grazing is compatible with or supports grassland bird conservation in Mediterranean-type grasslands, including areas with high levels of exotic annual grass invasion, in part because grazing supports the persistence of native plants and heterogeneity in vegetation structure. However, conservation of low-lying grasslands with high native species presence, and active management to increase the abundance of native plant species are also likely to be important for sustaining grassland birds long-term.

      Provides information on the conditions provided for birds by cattle grazing on grasslands.

    1. California's Central Valley is critically significant to agricultural production in the United States (USDA [ 41] ) and serves as a model system for our study. This system is the focus of ongoing conservation efforts including flooding fields for waterfowl and wading birds (e.g., Elphick [ 12] ), installing owl and bat boxes on farms (Long et al. [ 23] ), and planting hedgerows for wildlife (e.g., Heath et al. in review). Although many private, state, and federal organizations provide technical and financial support for conservation strategies within the Central Valley, farmer participation and interest in these programs remains modest (Lovell & Sullivan [ 24] ; Garbach & Long [ 15] ).We investigated farmer participation in conservation efforts by directly assessing farmer opinions about wildlife on crop lands based on four main hypotheses. First, we hypothesized that, compared to conventional farmers, organic farmers would view birds and bats as more beneficial given limited alternative pest control methods (H1). Second, because women are more likely than men to express an interest in learning about and interacting with wildlife (Miller and McGee [ 28] ), we hypothesized that female farmers would view all wildlife as more beneficial to crops and livestock than do male farmers (H2). Third, we hypothesized that compared to other farmers, fruit or seed crop farmers would perceive birds as more harmful because they can damage crops (Gebhardt et al. [ 16] ), (H3). Finally, we hypothesized that perceptions of wildlife would be associated with behaviors intended to attract or deter wildlife

      Identifies conservation methods available to landowners and farmers, mentions financial support, but does not specify, and hypothesizes potential participants.

  2. Jun 2020
    1. In some cases, our use of cellphone cameras has the potential to liberate us when directed at the state, subjecting the powerful and privileged to forms of accountability that they’re not used to. That’s been made plain by the significant role of cellphone video in the movement against police brutality.

      This is very different from publicly speculating about strangers getting up to use the bathroom on an airplane, insinuating a sexual encounter for entertainment. Who in their right mind would want that to happen to them. Do unto others people.

    2. Last night on a flight home, my boyfriend and I asked a woman to switch seats with me so we could sit together. We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread.

      I have not read or seen the entire thread, I have only read about it, but there is so much wrong here it is difficult to know where to start. It is such a huge invasion for entertainment and self promotion. Perhaps if no pictures were involved it would have been less intrusive, but its value as entertainment would have been significantly diminished.

    1. mage-based memes are easy to create and easy to spread, though whether they will go viral is never a given. If you create or post one, remember to pay attention to the source of the image. Your best bet is to start with an image or clip that is already labeled for reuse or is in the public domain, meaning out of copyright protection altogether. Google Images search tools provides such a filter, or try the Creative Commons search for work licensed for reuse via Creative Commons licenses.

      Using images that are labeled for reuse or are already in the public domain is sound etiquette. While it is impossible to control how others perceive images, the original creator should have some say in how it is used.

    1. we found that shorebird and duck densities were similar between wetlands and flooded croplands, suggesting that flooding cropland can provide surrogate wetland habitat for these species during migration.

      Flooded croplands can provide resources for birds along the pacific flyway.

    1. Bird Watching Tips & Tricks

      This article discusses and recommends binoculars for bird watchers of all levels.

    1. On Tuesday, June 4, the House Oversight subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties held the second session in a series of hearings titled: “Confronting White Supremacy.” Among those testifying before the subcommittee was Michael C. McGarrity, the director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. McGarrity explained that right-wing extremists like the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter in Pittsburgh were charged with hate crimes instead of domestic terrorism simply because “there’s no domestic terrorism charge.”To be clear, there is a law that defines domestic terrorism but not one that charges people who commit acts of terrorism in America. People who conspire with international terrorists—even if they aren’t materially involved in an act of violence—are charged with “acts of terrorism transcending international boundaries.” But someone who sends pipe bombs to Democrats; plows through a crowd of anti-racism protesters in Charlottesville, Va.; or shoots up a church in Charleston, S.C., will not face domestic terrorism charges.

      This could use some clarification. While we have a law that defines domestic terrorism, we don't actually have a federal law that can be used to prosecute people for domestic terrorism? Congress wants answers from the FBI and the FBI counters with Congress needs to pass legislation. It is long pass time to get this right.

    1. In this case, the URL does match. What does this look like if the site is fake?

      I think this is one of the most important verification tools. It is so easy to think you are on a legitimate website because counterfeiters are so sophisticated theses days.