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  1. Oct 2015
    1. There's no I in team

      Not at all clear when a comment is private and when it's public

    1. This is a comment thta can be added by anyone and commented on by others

  2. Jan 2015
    1. The specification and the tools to support it are currently progressing remarkably quickly

      Annotation about annotation: this note is added using the hypothes.is browser plug-in, and can be viewed only by others using the same plug-in at the moment.

  3. Oct 2013
    1. Job evaluation was done using the NJC scales. They employed LVSC to do this work.

      It would be very useful explain these sets of initials.

    1. Internet

      Curiously, while net access is fast and painless at most cafes in the city, access at the conference hotel is convoluted and very limited.