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  1. Jan 2018
    1. stress can help you accomplish tasks and prevent you from getting hurt

      i didnt know stress had to do with these actions

    2. your heart rate increases, breathing quickens, muscles tighten, and blood pressure rises

      when stress occurs cymtoms

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    1. I like being to myself most of the time and just watching movies alone

      same here im not to social

    2. i transferred to pulse and I was able to complete all of them. I like doing well academically.

      same here makes me feel good about myself, and makes me happy

    3. huge turning point in my life was at the age of 18 when I had to watch all of my friends graduate and move on to college while I was getting left behind and stuck in high school. I was a super senior

      same i felt so mad at my self wish i could just go back in time

    4. playing baseball and video games.

      both are 2 out of 4 of my favorite things to do, i used to play baseball befor i might play again this summer

    5. I also like to make art.

      i love art i feel its a way to express your self especially with music

    6. i want to help people who needed it the most.

      exactly i always thought if i had alot of money i would just donate what i really dont need if i know theres more coming to who really needs it

    7. I enjoy going shopping

      like wise but i feel im just basic when i shop

    8. I like that I am able to trust my teachers to help me get where I want to be in life, which is to go to college.

      i feel the same ever since i came to this school, ive just been looking at teachers with a different perspective,just cause i realized how much they care

    9. There was a time something important happened to me 3 years ago, when I wanted to drop out and I got support from my teacher.

      Same here ,just had a different person as a supporter, but u just gotta know how to stay strong and keep moving on in life