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  1. Nov 2017
    1. Latin, Greek and Hebrew, particularly, but these Languages being the foundation common to all the Sciences

      I don't know why they think Hebrew is related to the sciences. Were Hebrew characters used in scientific formulas? It makes sense that Latin & Greek are used due to the root of many scientific words come from those languages. I'm also slightly surprised that Hebrew was taught due to the lack of a divinity school. The language has a clear connection to Judaism & Christianity. Also, was it "widely spoken" in some part of the world at that time?

    2. alliance between church and State

      I find the inclusion of "alliance" interesting. The University wasn't to have any school of divinity in it, yet they used the word "alliance" in the document. The church would've wanted the teachings of Christianity at some level. The document should've used the word "separation" between the church & the state. That would've been more fitting & clear. However, this could be alluding to that because there is no alliance between the church & State except separation.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. To enlighten them with mathematical and physical sciences which advance the arts & administer to the health, the subsistence & comforts of human life:

      I like the ideal of the union between the arts & sciences. Many want to separate these ideals, but the founders of the university saw that they work together. Also, I like how they stated that art was needed for a healthy life. It is important to be creative, so human life can run smoothly. The combination of arts & science allows for life to be good. The college was teaching people how to live.

    2. I find it interesting that the founders of the university spent time to talk about food for the students. At modern universities, it is assumed that there is a school sponsored place for feeding the students. However during this time, they didn’t want dining halls for the students. Instead, they wanted to entrust the nutrition of the students to private restaurants. This may relate back to the idea of self-governance because the students must take care of themselves. Thus, the university won't give them anything.