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  1. Apr 2023
    1. In that time, public opinion shifted. People began to feel that tech companies were not just neutral hosts; they bore some responsibility for what their algorithms circulated.

      This is a big worry for me as well. In another assignment we were tasked with finding out who is behind communication and journalist companies. For most businesses it comes down to the bottom line. If social media leans towards one political party, it has the power to sway public opinion in government.

    2. Content that is borderline makes it into a designated Spam folder, where masochists can read through it if they choose. And legitimate companies that use spammy email marketing tactics are penalized, so they’re incentivized to be on their best behavior.

      I believe that seeing false news in the same light as spam is a better way to look at identifying the problem. This may help decrease some of the damage posed by false news for consumers who aren't well-versed in spotting disinformation on the internet. Most individuals can read an email in their inbox claiming that they won the million-dollar lottery and still classify it as spam because they recognize the all too familiar ploy. If we applied this approach to disinformation on social media, I believe it would help people become more familiar with the lies spread on the internet.