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  1. Nov 2018
    1. on understands and renders aspects of Truth as particular images and stories present her in various circumstances and from different perspectives.

      Is the key theme in Paradise Lost Truth? It makes the epic sound like some Tarantino film. Like a movie. When I think of cinema and truth, I think of seeing as believing. Would Milton argue that what he wrote in Paradise Lost was true? Or was he having fun adding pages to the Bible?

    2. The several personifications of Truth that Milton offers in Areopagitica afford a pertinent example

      I keep thinking about Areopagitica while reading Paradise Lost. I run into the intentional fallacy however, in that I shouldn't try to figure out the personality of the real author. I do believe understanding who John Milton was—how his philosophy was similar and different throughout his life can get us closer to understanding his seminal epic poem.