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  1. Oct 2022
    1. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, the Markle Foundation, and 20States Launch the Skillful State Network; Introduce Skillful StatePlaybook

      Summary of the goals of the partnership between the Markle foundation and the Skillful State Governors. The main goal is to respond to shifting economic dynamics by creating skills-based labor markets.

  2. Jun 2022
    1. Higher education leaders and decision makers use the annual Issues, Technologies, and Trends resources—the Top IT Issues, Trend Watch report, and the Horizon Reports—to know what's important and where to focus in their IT planning and management activities. When viewed together these resources provide more complete and nuanced guidance on institutional IT priorities. EDUCAUSE Horizon Report is a registered trademark of EDUCAUSE.

      Issues and Technologies and Trends report has been used by many institutions to make technology budget decisions.

    2. The 2022 Horizon panel comprised 57 higher education experts from around the globe.

      How and why were the experts chosen?