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  1. Feb 2023
    1. Object-oriented Programming (OOP) is the process of converting this perfectlydefined design into a working program that does exactly what the CEOoriginally requested.


    2. Object-oriented Design (OOD) is the process of converting such requirements intoan implementation specification. The designer must name the objects, define thebehaviors, and formally specify what objects can activate specific behaviors onother objects. The design stage is all about how things should be done. The outputof the design stage is an implementation specification. If we were to complete thedesign stage in one step, we would have turned the requirements into a set ofclasses and interfaces that could be implemented in (ideally) any object-orientedprogramming language.


    3. Object-oriented Analysis (OOA) is the process of looking at a problem, system,or task that somebody wants to turn into an application and identifying the objectsand interactions between those objects. The analysis stage is all about what needsto be done. The output of the analysis stage is a set of requirements. If we were tocomplete the analysis stage in one step, we would have turned a task, such as, "Ineed a website", into a set of requirements, such as:Visitors to the website need to be able to (italic represents actions, boldrepresents objects):review our historyapply for jobsbrowse, compare, and order our products


    4. what does it mean to be object-oriented?

      functionally directed toward modeling objects, It is one of many techniques used for modeling complex systems by describing a collection of interacting objects via their data and behavior.

    5. What object-oriented means

      What does the object-oriented means? Objects are models of somethings that can do certain things and have certain things done to them. Formally, an object is a collection of data and associated behaviors.

    6. The difference between object-oriented design and object-orientedprogramming

      What is the design and programming mean in OOP?



    1. The first step in good analysis is figuring out potentialproblems

      How do i make a good investigation to getting out the potential problems into my project?