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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. I’m really busy with school, managing the cross country team, and College Track so, I’m not able to spend as much time with my family as I’d like to.

      It's good that she spends her time doing things so her future will be easier.

    2. When I was in Mrs. Smith’s class she gave us many assignments and I had to learn how to manage my time and prioritize to complete my assignments and get them turned in early.

      I also relate to this. Moving from and Honors class to a regular class is so different but you still learn a lot.

    3. It was difficult for me because I saw other people  grow up with a father figure. It affected me when there were events that included fathers and I didn’t participate because I didn’t have one. I missed out on opportunities and experiences because my father wasn’t around.

      This stood out to me because not only does it let me in on who she is but I can also relate.

    4. the biggest i’ve seen it is when a cop abuse their power

      This is a very big issue in our society at the moment, so I like that he brought it up.

    5. i got decent by playing with my brother.I don’t know i haven’t thought that far.

      It would be nice if he'd restate the question, and expand his thoughts more. The mention of his brother makes me think that's an important person in his life.