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  1. Dec 2023
    1. The crux being - 1. Exercise, that's the best drug to get your brain running, and it is true. 1. I have experienced the best ideas hit me when I am exercising or about to sleep, which brings me to the second point 1. Get ample amount of sleep, it helps to build synapses, and literally updates your brain as per research. 1. Form habits, 3 elements - cue > routine > reward 1. There are lot many memorization techniques, like - Memory palace, graphic representation and spaced repetitions, try and see which fits best. 1. Make chunks, or divide in modules whatever you learn, making it easier to access and use. 1. And finally, if the task seems tough, it is because it is new. Just start, as and when the synapses are formed it becomes easier to do it again and again, and even more rewarding in the future. Kinda like building a habit.

    1. Crux - 1. Apple is not a company where general managers oversee managers; rather, it is a company where experts lead experts. The assumption is that it’s easier to train an expert to manage well than to train a manager to be an expert. 1. Whereas the fundamental principle of a conventional business unit structure is to align accountability and control, the fundamental principle of a functional organization is to align expertise and decision rights. 1. In a functional organization, individual and team reputations act as a control mechanism in placing bets. 1. So, that means if the camera team pitches an idea, but the same doesn't receive a good response from the users, for the next model the camera team's functionality will have a lower priority than suppose the touch team. 1. As is often the case with decentralized business units, managers were inclined to fight with one another, over transfer prices in particular. 1. Managers should be expertise in their fields. They should spend majority of their time either owning, learning or teaching, and less of delegating. Each piece they work on should be deeply thought of . 1. Squircle scenario. 1. Cross functional debates

    1. Take these two statements:“I see what you're saying, but in my experience, the other way has worked best.”“In my experience, the other way has worked best, but I see what you're saying.”The first one negates “I see what you’re saying.”The second one negates “In my experience, the other way has worked best.”When you use “but”, it’s important to understand which part you are negating.

      always end positively.

  2. May 2021
    1. Crux -

      1. Calm plants the seeds of crazy. And also crazy plants the seeds of calm.
      2. Basically when times are good, we indulge in it, become complacent about our achievements, become skeptic of the warnings ahead. So, when something bad hits, it's a shock.
      3. Similarly crazy plants the seeds of calm, when we are going through a societal shock, we come up with revolutionary solutions, that can help to bring calm for the years to come.
      4. Progress requires optimism and pessimism. Shoot for the stars aim for the moon. Be prepared for the worst, give your best.
      5. People believe what they want to believe, see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear. Either the model of how I think is wrong, or the other person is wrong. And it is often the latter that people go with, since it is the path of least resistance, both to make changes yourself, and as well as your image.
      6. Important things rarely have one cause
      7. Risk is what you don't see