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  1. Dec 2017
    1. finding patterns where there seems to be nothing but noise

      Finding patterns where there is noise vs flashes of meaning that occur

    1. What is decisive in collecting is that the object is detached from all its original functions in order to enter into the closest conceivable relation to things of the same kind. The relation is the diametric opposite of any utility, and falls into the peculiar category of completeness

      Collecting as a way of removing an object from its function; using words as objects also removes words from their function.

    1. flashes of meaning

      Flashes of meaning that persist despite an attempt to eliminate meaning ... perhaps this is suggesting that meaning is impossible to eradicate - it always persists?

    1. something other than reproduction of meaning

      Content meaning is not important here, meaning is created in form

    1. classifying the given situation in order to understand its structure

      Information about information

    2. writing down the reasons why she would have taken a photograph instead of taking it

      Reminds of mid-century conceptualists’ instruction pieces somehow mixed with Kenneth Goldsmith’s works that you’re “not supposed to actually read” – a set of instructions you shouldn’t bother following. But ones that in and of themselves have some kind of aesthetic value or function.

    3. represent experience

      How to represent expererience to ourselves, within the realm of the existential

    1. But the work, no matter how pure, is destined to fail.

      The boy's pure work vs the IRS's impure work. At least the boy has hope.

    2. a desk, a chair, a pencil, some memos, some forms, an unending stream of tax returns in need of examination, and a clock

      lists of objects, collecting objects

    3. The job doesn’t ever finish, it just takes breaks. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, night breaks, weekend breaks.

      Going to work is analogous to passive indexing.

    4. the boy patiently works away at twisting his joints and loosening his body’s grip on itself

      This type of 'work' is contrasted with the IRS work described below - both are impossible to finish. The boy's work is patient and directed, but the IRS work feels repetitive with no direction.

  2. Nov 2017
    1. ough a work of fiction, it is not quite a novel. Who, after all, has heard of a novel that includes its ow