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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Though their numbers are growing, only 27 percent of all students taking the AP Computer Science exam in the United States are female. The gender gap grows worse from there: Just 18 percent of American computer-science college degrees go to women. This is in the U.S., where many college men proudly describe themselves as “male feminists” and girls are taught they can be anything they want to be.Meanwhile, in Algeria, 41 percent of college graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math—or STEM, as it’s known—are female. There, employment discrimination against women is rife, and women are often pressured to make amends with their abusive husbands.

      The gender equality paradox in STEM

    1. What can we do to change gender stereotypes—in industries and society at large?

      Some solutions to change the gender gap in STEM

    1. Yet the identities of both were inevitably pursued and eventually discovered. At a certain level of virality, you cannot stop motivated people on the internet from piercing your veils. In the case of that woman from Blair’s flight, her legions of “fans” are digging day and night to find more information, to meet the female lead of this summer’s hottest rom-com. They want to know what happens next. They want to make her finish the story. Go on a date; now kiss; now get engaged; tell us what it was like. We need to know more. More. More.

      Online people are very curious and greedy for information about someone's personal life because they can judge and make fun of others without facing any punishment since their identity is anonymous

    2. There’s another unfortunate dimension to this whole saga that mimics the coercive effect of public marriage proposals: everyone innocently cheers on the romance because it tells a good story, but it places the woman in the invidious position of being the “bad guy” if she says no.

      The women is placed in a position as "bad guy" if later she rejects to continue the relationship with the guy because people on social media following her story have the hope that the couple will finally get married and if the result is not what they want, they will attack her.

    1. Image-based memes are easy to create and easy to spread, though whether they will go viral is never a given. If you create or post one, remember to pay attention to the source of the image. Your best bet is to start with an image or clip that is already labeled for reuse or is in the public domain, meaning out of copyright protection altogether. Google Images search tools provides such a filter, or try the Creative Commons search for work licensed for reuse via Creative Commons licenses. When you see a meme going around, give a thought to the subject of that meme image, whose life may forever be changed.

      Google is a website that I usually use to check for image copyright. First time knowing about Creative Commons and definitely will try this out

    2. There is no official definitive answer for whether a use can be considered fair, as every case must be judged on its own merits, but there are some types of use generally allowed under fair use, including criticism and commentary, parody, journalism, education, and research.

      The copyright law is not clear on how is a use is consider fair, it will be difficult to indicate whether someone violates it or not

  2. Sep 2020
    1. Women in Engineering: A Review of the 2018 Literature

      A great research about Women in Engineering from Society of Women Engineers

    1. More than half of the respondents said they either had a negative experience while applying for engineering internships or knew another woman who had a negative experience, such as being subjected to gender-biased interview questions and inappropriate remarks, or observing a noticeable lack of diversity when they interacted with company representatives during the interview process.

      More than 50% female had a negative experience while interviewing for internships in tech companies.

    1. We surveyed over 1,000 of our alumni. HALF OF THEM have had a negative experience in a tech interview. Think all-male interview panels, discrimination, harassment.

      An interesting article about discriminating female in tech interviews

    1. But someone who sends pipe bombs to Democrats; plows through a crowd of anti-racism protesters in Charlottesville, Va.; or shoots up a church in Charleston, S.C., will not face domestic terrorism charges.

      It is interesting that these crimes are very serious offenses in domestic terrorism, but the law does not charges the people who commit acts of terrorisms in America.

    2. And in spite of the ADL’s report that white supremacists were responsible for 78 percent of extremist murders in 2018, the FBI still dedicates most of its time, money and manpower to investigating and stopping international terrorism.

      This is surprising to me that most of the extremist murders are white supremacists. However, the statistics come from ADL's report which is an international Jewish non-governmental organization site so the information could be biased.

    1. Đó không phải là anh ta. Hoặc nếu có, cơ hội là rất nhỏ, không đáng để dành thêm thời gian cho nó. Tìm nguồn khác.

      It is surprised that Billie Joe did not write that article even though his name is claimed as the article's author name. Without checking with Wikipedia, people will believe in this misinformation

    2. Because it is these simple behaviors, applied as habits and enforced as norms, that have the power to change the web as we know it, to break our cycle of reaction and recognition, and ultimately to get even our deeper investigations off to a better start.

      Habits are difficult to change unless people are aware of how fake news can be harmful and learn how to detect the misinformation

    3. Strip off everything after the domain name, type wikipedia and press enter

      Always check wikipedia for the domain name to see if it is the real site

    4. Because no matter what you think of the article, funneling friends and family to a site that has published such sentences as “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears” is not ethical — or likely to put you in the best light.

      Better to confirm your information before sharing it on social media which can affect other people

    5. Your two-second “mirror and head-check” here is going to be to always, always hover, and see what they are verified for.

      Need to check the blue checkmark carefully before using the information

    1. And, the share of women has actually decreased in one of the highest-paying and fastest-growing STEM clusters – computer occupations. In 1990, 32% of workers in computer occupations were women; today women’s share has dropped to 25%.

      Women's shares have declined in computer occupations over time

    1. Blacks and Hispanics are also much more likely than whites to say there is more discrimination against blacks and Hispanics in the tech industry than in other industries.

      Blacks and Hispanics are more likely than Whites to see discrimination in the tech industry

    1. Three groups of women in STEM jobs stand out as more likely to see workplace inequities: women employed in STEM settings where men outnumber women, women working in computer jobs (only some of whom work in the technology industry), and women in STEM who hold postgraduate degrees.

      Three groups of women in STEM jobs are more likely to see discrimination in workplace