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  1. Sep 2022
    1. olk and lore,

      they love breaking the word up shows the importance of the two words seperated

    2. Dundes did not think of traditions as a relic of the past, and often took to the lecternto show that folklore was very much part of the modern technological world

      I like this thought


    1. but most of all they wrote down stories that were told to them byfriends, neighbors, and associates

      thats the best way to obtain folklore go into cultures

    2. he Jataka, a collection ofsome 550 anecdotes and fables

      did not learn about this in religion class last year

    3. Finnish and Swedish or Hungarian and German) rypically share a large bodyof closely related folklore.

      different areas of the world told differently

    4. Grimms' pioneering work l<i.nder-und Hausmarche

      I want to talk about these guys a little

    5. t is not necessary, nor e~en_desirable, forthe storyteller to provide an interpretation of each symbol wnhm a tale.

      That is partly why they last so long

    6. ColorSymbolism

      so much more to these little stories than meets the eye

    7. The so-called Grimms'Fairy Tales,first published in 1812, constitute theworld's best-known collection of folktales.

      author gathering folk tales are they still folk tales

    8. folktales

      have yet to talk about folk tales like this yet (to an extent)

    9. real:

      relate to real life the relatability of stories

    10. are told first and foremost as entercainmenc

      I wonder about that not against it yet but I just wonder about that

    11. Among the most enduring memories of most adults are cales heard inchildhood, both chose char were read or told as bedtime scorie by adultcaregiver

      all the greatest stories I know are the ones told by my parents