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  1. May 2017
    1. Impact Aid Payments for Federal Property

      Money to schools that dont make as much taxes as normal due to federal government owning the land.

  2. Mar 2017
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      detestable things refer to their oracles. Similar to Pesach with the 4 sons whose teeth we knock out

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      edom was a thorn in the side of bnei yisrael during the times of greeks

  3. Feb 2017
    1. Millard Fillmore

      Is Filmore the only President to serve without a vice president?

    1. .

      7) Who is the president of the senate?

    2. .

      6) According to the original constitution, are senators elected or appointed?

    3. three

      5) How many representatives does each state get? 1 representative per x people.

    4. .

      1) How old do you have to be to be in The House of Representatives?

      2) How many years of citizenship do you need?

      3) T/F - You do not need to live in the state you represent.

      4) T/F - You must be born in America to serve in the House.

  4. Dec 2016
    1. presidential election.[65]

      The alst opinion is that the federal government should protect slavery

    2. expression of this view.[51]

      One guy said (Constitutional Union Party)

      All northern states should be free, all southern states should be slaves.

    3. of 1865.

      6) How many states where there in January of 1961? 7) How many of these states seceded? 8) Where did Confederates attack that began the war? 9) True or False: All states belonging to the North outlawed slavery. Quote the text proving/disproving your answer.

    4. U.S. history.

      1) What were the dates of the civil war? 2) What is another name for the Union secessionists? 3) How many states made up the Union? 4) Who won the war? 5) What is a secessionist? Hint - to secede means to ___

    5. slaves.

      10) What was the primary cause of the war? 11) How many soldiers died? 12) True or False: More Americans died in WW1 then in the Civil War? 13) True or False: More Americans died in WW1 and WW2 combined then in the Civil War? 14) True or False: The war ended slavery. 15 What was the period after the war called?

    1. Obtaining the Greek citizenship for Jews outside of Greece[edit] The Greek Parliament has decided to give the greek citizenship back to all Holocaust survivors who have lost their Greek citizenship when leaving the country.[52] Those, who are born outside of Greece to either one or both Greek parents, or even one or more Greek grandparents, are entitled to stake a claim to their right to a Greek citizenship through their ancestor(s) born in Greece. For the process of obtaining one’s Greek citizenship, there is no need to prove the religious denomination of the ancestors.[53]
    1. relocation.[13]
    2. US census.[2]

      1) What is the largest federally recognized tribe in the United states? 1) Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma 2) Test Question How many members did the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma have? a) 1,000 b) 500 c) 300,000 d) 3,000,000

      THINK CRITICALLY: A and B are small numbers, and d is much too large. Therefore, it must be c.

    3. the United States.[11]

      1) What name did the Europeans give to the Cherokee tribe? Why? 1) They were advanced technologically and culturally 2) Can the Cherokees become United States citizens? According to which law? 2) Yes. Article 8 of the 1817 treaty said if they want to they can

    4. lived.[10]

      1)What language did the Cherokee Indians speak? 1) Iroquian

    5. also in Oklahoma.

      1) Cherokees are from which area of US? 1) Southeastern US (Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina) 2)How many federally recognized tribes are there? What are their names? 2)3. Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians (Oklahoma).

    1. power.

      What did the Mexicans Say was the reason for the war?

    2. the United States

      What was the name of the treaty that ended the war?

      What land did the Mexicans have to give up as a condition of the treaty? MAP

      How much money did the United States pay Mexico in cash?

      How much in assumed debt?

      What was the new border between the US and Mexico? MAP

    3. territory.

      True or False:

      President Polk offered to purchase the land from the Mexicans before the war

    4. The Mexican–American War, also known as the Mexican War, the U.S.–Mexican War or the Invasion of Mexico, was an armed conflict between the United States of America and the United Mexican States from 1846 to 1848. It followed in the wake of the 1845 US annexation of Texas, which Mexico considered part of its territory, despite the 1836 Texas Revolution.

      Give two immediate preceding causes for the Mexican-American war.

    5. After its independence in 1821 and brief experiment with monarchy, Mexico became a republic in 1824,

      What is the difference between a monarchy and a republic?

    6. he British minister in Mexico, Richard Pakenham, wrote in 1841 to Lord Palmerston urging "to establish an English population in the magnificent Territory of Upper California", saying that "no part of the World offering greater natural advantages for the establishment of an English colony ... by all means desirable ... that California, once ceasing to belong to Mexico, should not fall into the hands of any power but England ... daring and adventurous speculators in the United States have already turned their thoughts in this direction." But by the time the letter reached London, Sir Robert Peel's Tory government with a Little England policy had come to power and rejected the proposal as expensive and a potential source of conflict.[17][18]

      highlights how british thinking about north america changed after war of 1812, american power asserted

  5. Mar 2016
    1. On average 2500 tonnes are ascribed to jewellery and 1000 tonnes are ascribed to retail investors, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and industrial production in the last 10 years

      2/3 jewelery 1/3 banks/investors + industrial production

    2. The second largest source of gold, at approximately 1000 tonnes, came from central bank sales and other disposals.
    3. The largest source of gold supply, at approximately 2500 tonnes, came from mine production.
    1. Two Saccheri quadrilaterals with congruent bases and congruent summit angles are congruent (i.e., the remaining pairs of corresponding parts are congruent).


    2. The line segment joining the midpoint of the base and the midpoint of the summit divides the Saccheri quadrilateral into two Lambert quadrilaterals.

      Well clearly it creates two quadrilaterals who both have two right angles, and therefore a lambert quadrilateral

    3. The line segment joining the midpoints of the sides is not perpendicular to either side.

      Is that because the summit angles are acute? Or, one of them must be acute, since if they were both right, we would have a neutral geometry that contains Euclid's 5th (parallel postulate).