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  1. May 2017
    1. India and Pakistan have been accused of connections to North Korea's nuclear programme.

      It could be possible that India and Pakistan could have been supporting North Korea with their Nuclear weapon. This issue, supporting North Korea's nuclear weapon, could affect India and Pakistan's relationship with the United States.

    2. China fought alongside the North Koreans in the 1953 Korean War, but in the interest of the political stability of the region, says it strongly opposes North Korea's nuclear weapons programme. 

      The United States and South Korea are not the only countries whom feel threatened by North Korea's nuclear weapon.

    3. but the Soviet Union and China have denied supplying North Korea with nuclear weapons or helping it to build them. 

      This is an evidence that North Korea have been developing their nuclear weapon by themselves.

    4. In the April 15 military parade held to commemorate its founder, North Korea showed off its nuclear weapons and said that it carried out five nuclear tests since 2006.

      The parade took place in last April 15, to celebrate Kim Jung Il's 105th birthday. It is very unusual to show all these weapons and also displaying it on television. The parade's purpose was to celebrate Kim Jong Il's birthday and to show other countries what they have.

    5. North Korea seems to be pursuing the development of its nuclear weapons capability on its own, while no country is known to be supplying the country with nuclear weapons.

      It is very surprising how North Korea is developing their nuclear weapon without getting supports from any other countries.

    6. Has North Korea declared war in 2017? North Korea has not officially declared war on any country since 1950, but has threatened to launch a "great war of justice for national reunification" and to strike the US mainland in "full-out war... under the situation where the US hurts the DPRK by force of arms," using the alternative name for North Korea. In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea, starting the three-year Korean War which ended in 1953 with an armistice, not a peace treaty. This means that North Korea is still technically at war with South Korea. The US has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea, while the Korean Peninsula has been divided by a 4km-wide demilitarised zone stretching 250km along the border.

      North Korea have not officially declared war on any country, but threatening them with nuclear weapons. If they do declare a war on any country, it could potentially lead to the World War 3 that nobody wants. North Korea and South Korea is divided in half by the DMZ line. The DMZ line is about 30 miles away from Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

    7. "It is because of these hostile activities on the part of the United States and South Korea that we strengthen our national defence capability, as well as pre-emptive strike capabilities with nuclear forces as a centrepiece."

      It is very understandable that the North Korea would see these hostile activities on the part of the United States and South Korea as a threat.

    8. Why is North Korea testing nuclear weapons? Analysis of the North Korean government's statements suggests that the leadership in Pyongyang sees in nuclear weapons the following benefits: 1. Guaranteeing security of the state 2. Economic development and prosperity 3. Gaining respect and prestige in the international arena

      Most of the news articles shows the point of view in their side, but if you perspective in different angle such as point of view in North Korea side, it is very understandable that I would probably make the same decision.

    9. Shows of force and provocative threats have been exchanged by the United States and North Korea since the US began joint military drills with South Korea on March 1. Pyongyang suspects those military drills are a rehearsal for an invasion of North Korea.

      The president of the United States, Donald Trump, was feared that North Korea would be a big problem. So he sent some military troops over to South Korea, where North Korea would most likely to attack first. Now, the relationship between the United States and North Korea have became more complex, because the North Korea thinks that the United States are threatening them by sending military troops to South Korea.

    10. test-launched ballistic missiles by firing over the sea.

      The ballistic missiles, ICBM, are the most dangerous weapon to the United States. It's because these nuclear missiles can cross a continent.

    11. North Korea's nuclear developmen

      North Korea's nuclear development draw attentions from other countries like the United States, South Korea, China. and Russia. Their nuclear development are very important news for other countries, because North Korea have been threatening other countries with the nuclear weapon.